Favorite Sources to Buy Art to Fill Your Blank Walls

Hanging wall art is one of the best decorating tools I have. You can turn a plain jane rental into a home with personality with beautiful wall art. Here are the best wall art ideas.

I realized pretty quickly after renting for lotsa years that beautiful wall art was a secret weapon when it came to making your house feel like a home. Putting nails in walls, hanging up a piece that special to you or represents your style makes a big impact. Whenever I’m asked for rental decorating tips, I always put “hang wall art” at the top of the list. Finding beautiful wall art can be quite overwhelming but I do have some favorite places I check frequently for relevant pieces. I’m sharing my favorite sources to buy wall art ideas that will fill up your blank walls.

The reason I like Wayfair: They has an affordable variety of wall art options. You’re likely to find something in your style and in your price range. Another reason Wayfair is a great option when buying wall art is that the majority of the options are already framed making installation even easier because you don’t have to go through the additional step of framing the piece.

I also like their filtering feature. You can filter by the medium of art, color, and subject of the piece such as botanicals or ocean scenes.

Here are a few wall art ideas from Wayfair that I personally love.

Minted has been around awhile and probably best known for their beautiful Christmas cards and invitations. They also have very beautiful fine art prints.
The reason I like Minted: Minted offers beautiful art by independent artists. You can purchase art prints on their own or you can choose from a wide selection of framing options.
Minted’s selection is high quality and the prices reflect that. An affordable option if you find a piece you like from Minted would be to purchase the print and frame it yourself. Another feature I like about Minted is their filtering. When you filter by color you can easily put together a few coordinating pieces which is great for a gallery wall. I purchased several pieces of wall art from Minted for our gallery wall around the tv.

Here are a few options from Minted that I personally love.

What doesn’t Target have? They do have a nice variety of affordable wall art that’s for sure. One downside to Target’s selection is that it’s mass produced and if you purchase anything from their signature lines (Project 62 or Threshold) there will be a high probability that someone you know might have a similar piece of art. If that doesn’t bother you, then you’re set. If it does – try some of the other options mentioned here.
The reason I like Target: They’re wall art options are typically on-trend and affordable. I also like that the majority of their pieces come framed with the exception of some canvas but it’s very easy (and cheap) to frame your own canvas.
Target has a large variety of wall art options online compared to in store. I usually shop online and have it ship to store (for free) that way I can see it in person giving me the opportunity to take a peek and decide if it will work before I bring it home. If you have a RedCard you get free shipping as well.

Here are a few wall art ideas from Target that I personally love.

Artfully Walls
Artfully Walls is hands down my favorite place to purchase wall art for the home. They have a beautiful selection of pieces from independent artists including my favorite, Brynn Casey Art.
What I love about Artfully Walls: You can purchase beautiful work from independent artists at an affordable price. It gives you a budget-friendly opportunity to support artists you love.
If you are brand new to selecting art, this is probably your best option because they have a very user-friendly site that allows you to select coordinating art with ease. If you are looking for several pieces for a space you can use their “gallery wall” feature that allows you to search for coordinating pieces by price point, color, and decorating style. You can see some of pieces I’ve purchased from here in our bedroom.

Here are some options from Artfully Walls that I personally love.

One Kings Lane
I first heard of One Kings Lane about four years ago when I came across a beautiful canvas print by Erin Gregory. I quickly realized that the retailer offers high quality, designer approved wall art. Since the art is higher quality and typically comes framed, the prices reflect that. I’d recommend a piece from One Kings Lane if you’re looking for a standout piece of art that will give your space a wow factor.
What I love about One Kings Lane: They offer beautiful wall art pieces by well known independent artists. This retailer gives you an opportunity to obtain a designer look for less.

Here are some options from One Kings Lane that I personally love.

TJ Maxx
My love for TJ Maxx runs deep. So many good treasures to find whenever you walk into a store. The only thing better is their online shop. If you’re looking for wall art and are on a budget, the first place you should check is TJMaxx.com.
What I love about TJ Maxx: Hands down affordability. TJ Maxx online doesn’t have the most varied selection but they definitely have the most affordable wall art ideas. My recommendation is to check TJ Maxx frequently if you are looking for an affordable piece of art. You can find a great deal if you aren’t in a rush.

See all of the current TJ Maxx options here.

Do you have a favorite place to buy certain home decor items? Where have you found great wall art pieces?

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