My Home Goals for 2013

Alright! 2013 is here and my house is in desperate need of some help. I’ve been thinking for the last week about what goals are realistic for this year. I’ve come up with five goals I want to accomplish this year.

Home Goals 2013

So here we go:

1. Turn my upstairs storage closet into a craft room/office. At the top of the stairs I have a little alcove computer space. Currently an old desktop (that never gets used) resides up there. Next to mess of papers that are completely unorganized. My goal is to turn that space into a functional computer desk and use the storage closet right next door as my craft room. It’s a great size and already has lots of shelves for storage. It will take a little bit of creativity but I’m sure I can pull it off.



2. Master Bedroom: I have been coveting a yellow and gray bedroom for the longest time. This year it’s happening! I love this gray and yellow bedroom from Little Green Notebook. You can see more yellow and gray inspiration my Master Bedroom board on Pinterest.

3. Courtyard: Our courtyard/backyard is a horrible mess. Overgrown bushes and faded wood chips. Just a mess. The yard is my husband’s domain and I know he has lots of plans for a little vegetable garden (he’s a master at gardening – on the long list of reasons why I love him), but I’d love to add some seating and a few potted flowers 🙂


4. Get a proper media center: We currently use a beautiful buffet as our media center in our family room. It isn’t as functional as I would like and it doesn’t hide any of the cords which are such an eye sore. It’s also a bit large for the space. I’d love to build one, but this one from Ikea is great too!

5. Powder Room: My powder room has zero decor at all besides the monogram hand towels that are hanging in there. I’d like to give it a little facelift this year.


I think that’s a manageable list and it will keep be busy throughout the year. So, tell me, what are your home goals this year?

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  1. love all your ideas- i am always just trying to look for ways to be better organized- espcially in the craft supply department!

  2. I love your list. I have my own list of things i wanna work on but have yet to post them. I just moved and left basically everything. So i have a lot of blank space. First wil be my livingroom that is basically two rooms because it is an L shape. the tv area is good but the other section is completely bare!!! So first and foremost this is my project for the year well at least a starting place.

    Good luck with your projects, can’t wait to see the results.

  3. Hi Chelsea! I saw your guest post on Jessica’s blog and had to come over to say hello! I’m a military spouse too! Great list of to-do’s in this post, I have the Barbara Barry duvet cover pattern that is the same as your curtains!! We have so much in common ;D Great blog and I have followed you now on facebook, twitter and Pinterest…off to add you to Google plus too! Have a super week!

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