Budget-Friendly Back to School Faves for Girls

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2019 will go down as one of the most eventful summers for our little family. Big move, lost stuff, new place, settled in, second grade, new school, all the things. As much as I’m not ready to say hello to the new school year, it is upon us and I might as well revel in the joys that come along with it. And by joys I mean shopping! I shared last week why we love Walmart for back to school essentials, well today I’m sharing my favorite budget-friendly back to school clothes that we found at Walmart!

At this age, 7, it makes sense to me to find the best deals for school clothes because they almost always come home with signs from the day: marker stains, dirt from the playground, food from lunch. I went straight to Walmart.com and found a bunch of budget-friendly, cute items to add to the girls’ wardrobes.

My 7 year old prefers to pick out her own clothes and she was pleased to find many pieces that she loved. We sat down together and loaded our cart with school clothes she loved like these shorts for just $10 and this top for just $7. We also snagged a few sets of these shorts which are perfect for wearing under dresses and they are just $5 for a pair. You can’t beat $2.50 a pair for little bike shorts.

The girls have been selecting their own clothes for a while now. I learned early on that if they’re able to give their input, they are more likely to wear the items. Walmart has a great selection of budget-friendly clothing that both Peighton and I loved and they offer free fast shipping on orders over $35 + free returns. Also, if you have a Walmart nearby you can order online and pick up in the store the same day! I’m all about that kind of convenience.

Peighton and I both loved this little outfit – it is a perfect back to school outfit for her because it’s still rather warm (in the 100s) here in the California desert. It’s also worth noting that she hasn’t taken these Crocs off since we got them – we both love the peach color.

The top was a little long on her short frame so we just tied a little knot. She went wild over the embroidery on these shorts. I think they are darling.

And her eyes LIT UP over this unicorn dress. It’s made of the softest, yummiest fabric. It actually comes in a set of two dresses – the other is a striped long sleeve that she’ll wear when it cools down a bit.

Here’s our full loot for both girls and I spent just over $100. We got some great basics and some fun flair pieces too. It’s always a good day when everyone walks away happy and even better when it’s easy on the wallet.

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