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Christmas Home Tour 2020

Christmastime is here again and it couldn’t be more welcome. In a year where nothing has felt normal or exciting, putting up our Christmas tree felt like an absolute treat. The gift of the season feels more like a gift than years before. Putting up a tree and some garland felt therapeutic. Wrapping gifts and setting brought me loads of joy. I wanted to share some of that joy here by way of a holiday home tour. I invite you to grab some cider or a glass of wine and just scroll through and get some good holiday feels.

Our entryway is looking more festive. The driftwood star is back. I love unpacking it each year.

The peg shelf is a DIY and I didn’t plan on using it for this purpose but it worked out so well I thought why not. It has five pegs which is perfect because I do have one more stocking for my mama who usually comes for Christmas every year.

I kept it simple on the entryway chest. This is the one that we bleached earlier this year. I just filled a bowl with Shiny Brites.

And it’s been a while since I decorated a stair railing. It was really fun to add this little swag to our stairs. I zhushed it up with some ribbon, beads garland, and twinkle lights.

Turning the camera around you see our living room. I’ve been decorating with blue and green for several Christmases now and I really love how naturally it blends with our everyday style in here.

You can see that I focus on adding textures instead of adding more color. I added velvet and a chunky knit pillow to my sofa, greenery, and a bowl full of ornaments.

Our dining room is always a favorite of mine. I still love the wallpaper. Since this is usually our homeschooling space I covered our cabinet doors will gift wrap.

I added some real cedar garland and tied a couple of bows at either end. I kept the top of the cabinet simple and just added a few tapered candles.

I tied faux wreaths on the back of the dining chairs.

I kept the table decor very simple with just fresh eucalyptus and used my coconut cake as a centerpiece.

I layered some pretty plates on top of these windowpane napkins. I’m obsessed with these leafy festive salad plates. I can’t wait to use them.

And the last of our holiday decor is in the tiny little kitchen, which got a big upgrade with the faux backsplash, donned some mini wreaths.

I hope you enjoyed a peek around our house decorated for Christmas! I’ll link as much as I can find below. Let me know if you have any questions!

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