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The girls have loved sharing a room since Millie left the crib behind. One of my favorite things is seeing them snuggled up together. In their little girls’ room, I always imagined them whispering and giggling before bed so it’s the best thing that it’s happening now. When we moved to Twentynine Palms we promised them bunkbeds so that was one of our first purchases when we moved in a year ago. It’s taken me about that long to finalize the space and I’m sharing some girls’ room ideas today along with how we’ve designed our girls’ shared room.

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I think the biggest reason a shared bedroom works for my girls is that they’ve been able to have input in the space, they like being together, and we have a separate room where we keep all of their toys. I feel strongly that kids should have a say in their space. While I typically select the major design decision in a space, I give them some room to express their creativity too. They really enjoy making those decisions together as a team.

The biggest challenge of decorating the girls’ bedroom for me was the absolute blank canvas that it is. It’s really remarkable how overwhelming a white box can feel. It’s just so bland. We knew we’d go with bunk beds and I had been inspired by a particularly lovely blue rug so we started this space with the bunk beds and this beautiful rug. I decorated this space like I always do, I start with one or two pieces that inspire the space. This brightly colored rug was that jumping-off point – you can see the design plan here. Peighton loves blue and both girls have personalities that require a bright space.

Girls’ Bedroom Ideas – Decorating a shared bedroom

Girls bedroom idea #1: Start decorating your space with an inspiring piece. For me, it was this rug. I love the vibrant colors. The blue and pink really pull together the space. For you, the inspiring piece might also be a piece of art, a pillow, or a piece of furniture.

Another thing I am always sure to do in every space I design in our home is to use up the wall space. Especially living in a rental home, I use the walls to draw the eyes around the room as to notice put the focus on the areas that I don’t like. We put these book ledges up in the girls bedroom when we first moved in and it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the room. The girls and I love to cycle out the books that we display here.

This little corner of the room is my favorite. Since this is a rental there are zero stylish light fixtures. I didn’t want to change out the ceiling fan in this room but I did decide to add some additional lighting like this woven pendant. We added a plug-in light kit so it just plugs right into the wall.

Girls room ideas #2: Add pretty lighting where you can. Changing out the light fixture can transform a space. If you can’t swap out a permanent fixture, try adding hanging pendants, lamps, and sconces.

Little girls bedroom

One thing I wanted in the girls’ shared room was a place for them to display their artwork and photos. These metal grids are great for that. The girls love to clip up their artwork and snapshots and I love having them on display.

Girls Room Idea #3: Allow the children to help in choosing their shared bedroom decor. Adding a place where they can display their own artwork is a great way for them to feel ownership of the space.

Little girls bedroom with bunkbeds
Bunkbeds in little girls bedroom

My girls pick things like polka dot walls and the print of their sheets while I tend to select things like their comforters/quilts and artwork. I like to keep their bedding neutral because it’s typically an investment and then we can change other less expensive things that tend to trend in and out.

Little Girls Shared Bedroom

The polka dot wall is just polka decals that I bought from here. Matt and I spent 30 minutes or so filling the wall with the dots. It was super easy to install and when we move we’ll be able to just peel them off which makes them a great rental-friendly design option. We talked about buying this nightstand a couple of weeks ago and I’m still really happy with the purchase.

Interested in more rental-friendly decorating options? Here are 7 things renters can put on their walls to make the place feel more like home.

Pink velvet drapes in shared little girls bedroom

Our entire house is full of hideous vertical blinds that are military housing staples. These tassel-edged velvet panels are perfect for hiding them in the girls bedroom.

Aesthetic Room Ideas: What is a room aesthetic and how can you create an aesthetic bedroom of your own?

Bookshelf in girls shared bedroom
Vignette on chest of drawers in the shared little girls bedroom.
Girls sitting in their bunkbeds in the shared little girls bedroom.

Do you have any tips for a shared little girls’ room decor? Or tips for making shared rooms work?

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