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IKEA Chairs – The Coastal Slipcovered Farlov

A couple months ago, I hopped on IKEA for the 453rd time to take a peek at their selection of chairs and love seats. Guys – I can’t quit IKEA furniture. I’ve looked high and low in an effort to avoid IKEA chairs (not because I don’t like it but because the nearest one is 90 miles and I don’t like paying $99 for shipping). I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of chairs for our living room. I’ve searched everywhere but I always came back to these IKEA chairs – the Farlov slipcovered chair.

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IKEA Farlov Slipcovered Chair Review - The Perfect Coastal Chic Chairs

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IKEA Living Room Chairs – Farlov Review

Our living room is oversized and we really needed some bigger furniture in here to fill it. I was immediately drawn to it’s clean lines of these IKEA chairs. They reminded me of a piece of furniture you would find in a beach house. They also feel oversized and a bit luxurious. They have deep cushions which is great for lounging. I love the white slipcover option (they also come in beige) because I can just toss it in the wash with Oxyclean and they come out looking brand new. That’s worked for me with my IKEA Ektorp for years so I’m thrilled to have living room chairs that are similarly easy to clean. These classic coastal slipcovered IKEA chairs are gorgeous! IKEA Farlov slipcovered chairs

I love the clean lines and the scoop arm on these IKEA living room chairs. They look much more expensive than they actually are (less than $400 each).
I love these IKEA Chairs - they are beachy and chic and very budget friendly

You can see that the texture of the slipcover is different from the Ektorp here. They really feel a bit more substantial which, I think, makes them look more expensive.

These IKEA chairs are showstoppers and won't break the bank - this review of the Farlov chair is great

These IKEA chairs are super comfy because of the deep cushions. I’ve found that everyone now gravitates to one of these chairs instead of our sofa. Matt and I have been lounging on them opposite each other at night while binging on Netflix. Not only are they comfy, but these chairs also work so well in my living room. I love how they elevate the space by providing a little beach house chic feel.

Love this gorgeous space. Can't believe those are IKEA chairs

Overall, these chairs have been my favorite recent buy because they checked all the boxes. Affordable – check. Slipcovered – check. Timeless – check. I think they could work in a variety of spaces and they are perfect for families because of the slipcover option. By the way, this isn’t sponsored – I just really love these IKEA living room chairs and like sharing good finds!

Do you have any IKEA chairs or furniture or slipcovered furniture? What’s your favorite piece?

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Perfect pair - these IKEA living room chairs are perfect

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  1. I seriously might have to buy these tomorrow when I make the three hour trek to KC for the Nordstrom sale. I’d seen the couches but never the chairs. The wheels are spinning!!

  2. Chelsea, I LOVE these chairs! Consider me green with envy that you can shop at IKEA. Please keep buying their furniture so I can live vicariously through you!! XO

    1. Hi Melissa, they are just the standard black tapered peg legs. Nothing fancy but you literally cannot see them since they are covered by the slipcover.

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    1. Hi Terri – sorry for the delay. These are not chairs you sink into. They aren’t uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say they are the most comfy, sink into, take a nap chair either.

  4. How white are these chairs? Compared to the Ektorp vityard white? I’m looking for a bright white – and already have some Ektorp pieces — hoping to match! Thanks!