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Blue and Copper Holiday Decor – Holiday Housewalk

Decorating for Christmas in 80-degree heat will never feel right but boy, oh boy, do I feel festive! I suppose I should welcome you, Hi! I’m Chelsea and this little corner of the internet is Making Home Base. What started as a little space to document my decorating ideas for military base housing has quickly involved into a full-blown decorating blog and I’m so happy to be here nine years later still blogging away about decorating! I live (for now) in the sunny high desert of California in a little-known place called Twentynine Palms. We’ve been stationed here for about 2.5 years now and it’s grown on me.

I am so thrilled to be joining the gang for this year’s Holiday Housewalk. The Holiday Housewalk is brought to you by the brilliant Jennifer Rizzo. If you’re just hopping in, you can start here for day 1 of the housewalk. It’s always an absolute treat to get a peek at some inspiring and beautiful Christmas decorations within these ladies’ homes! I hope you walk away from today’s tour feeling encouraged to decorate your home in the best way that suits you because that’s what it’s all about this holiday season, celebrating and embracing JOY, your joy!

If you’re visiting from Duke Manor Farm, welcome! I absolutely adore Laura and her home. If you’re just diving into the hop, make sure you visit Laura’s place then come back and take my tour!

If you’re ready, let me welcome you into our home!

As I mentioned, we live in military base housing which isn’t *as* bad as you might imagine but it does take quite a bit of imagination and creativity to make it feel like home. I’ve been working away on this house for the whole 2.5 years we’ve been here and now that we’re poised to move next summer, I think it’s just the way I want it. Isn’t that the way it goes? I’d consider this year’s holiday decor pretty simple and understated. I am loving the blue and copper holiday decor. The space is small so I didn’t want to overwhelm and the tree makes a pretty big statement on its own.

This makeshift entryway stumped me for a long time but once we bleached this dresser, I finally felt like it belonged. I made this peg rail shelf a couple of years ago for extra storage but it’s perfect for hanging stockings, don’t you think?

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that decorating is so personal. I love blue and decorating with blue is very natural for me so I’ve been carrying that into my holiday decor for several years now. It feels very cohesive and I like that. This year I added some copper which is a little new for me but I think it looks great with the blue.

When Matt and I first got married I started purchasing a Li Bien peace dove ornament each year. Some years Matt bought one for me as a gift, some years we went to the store together to pick it up. We now have 15 of them. Some years they go on our family tree and some years I put them in a basket and display them like this.

I really like to reuse my holiday decor each year and not over-purchase. That being said, I still like to change up my decor slightly each year. Last year’s Christmas tree has a very light and bright coastal feel and this year I wanted to stick with my blue ornaments but make it a bit more moody. You can absolutely change your decor up from year to year without spending a bunch of money. I like to swap out the ribbon or grab some inexpensive colorful baubles to place in vessels around the house. For this year’s tree, I grabbed some copper stain ribbon and tied pretty bows onto some of the tree branches.

In the living room, I changed some pillow covers to neutral textured ones and swapped out the vase for some faux evergreen stems. I also hung my favorite magnolia wreath above the extra large canvas (that I made by the way).

One really easy way to make a festive statement is to add bows to the artwork and photos on your walls. In this little corner of our living room, I added some copper and navy bows to the corner of the artwork for some instant holiday decor!

I did the same on the gallery wall that we have on our stair landing.

Our dining room is our only eating space so I kept the centerpiece simple with a few candlestick holders and tapered candles. I also tied some mini wreaths to the back of the dining chairs with the same copper ribbon used on the Christmas tree.

My little white house collection grows each year when I find new cuties that I can’t live without. This year, they are on display in our dining room on top of my collection of cake plates.

I hope you enjoyed this little holiday house tour of ours. It’s so fun to get to decorate for the holidays and share my love for it with all of you.

That’s the end of my tour but there is more to the Housewalk so be sure to head over to Katrina & Co and see all the inspiration that she has in store!

I’m so excited that you joined me! If you are looking for any sources, I shared everything that is readily available below. If you see anything not mentioned, please leave a comment and I’ll try to source that for you! Happy Holidays to you!

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  1. Hey Chelsea, it seems like we both got the same memo on blue and cooper trees this year! So nice to have you on the housewalk this year.
    Enjoy the holiday season with your precious family.

  2. I am here for the copper ribbons- what a stunning touch! Your home is SO beautiful!!! (PS- I noticed what Laura said, too- you both used that gorgeous combo!)

  3. You’ve outdone yourself Chelsea! I love it all so much! The blue and copper is such a pretty color combo. Happy Holidays!

  4. Chelsea – your home is so stunning and I love the blue and copper and the little ribbons on the tree and artwork! I also love the piece of art you created!

  5. Chelsea, your home is so beautiful, you have done such an amazing job making it your own! (I had forgotten you moved to 29 palms, it feels pretty strange decorating in this warm weather) love your color combo and that front entrance!

  6. LOVE your color scheme! The copper accents really make it pop. I love color, so not seeing a white on white pallet is refreshing, Though I have to say your black and white photos on your gallery wall are perfect! Happy Holidays to you and your family. Marie

  7. Growing up as a military brat we lived in some truly awful military housing. Linoleum floors in all the rooms. Enough said! You have made your temporary housing beautiful! Keep up the good work and have a wonderful holiday season.