Creating Your Own Typography Art

Have I ever told you that I’m a font hoarder? It’s true. I’ve downloaded more than I could ever possibly use. When I come across a good one, I feel like I have to have it. It’s almost like finding the perfect pair of shoes. The ones that you aren’t sure when you’ll wear them but you just know you will. That’s how I feel about some fonts. #dontjudgeme

I think it’s pretty natural that I’m drawn to art that is basically pretty words on a piece of paper. I just love typography art so much. When I gave Peighton’s room a little mini makeover last month, I knew I wanted to do a big ol’ typography print in her room.

This little girls room is just precious! The green bed, pretty pillows, and DIY canopy are totally princess worthy!
This Good Vibes Only sign seemed to be the perfect message for a sweet and sassy four year old don’t you think?

It was pretty easy to make. I created the print in Photoshop then ordered it as an 18 x 24 engineering print at Staples.

Creating Your Own Typography Art

I laid it out flat on a piece of foam core, holding the corners down with something with a little weight and let it flatten out a bit.Creating Your Own Typography Art
Then, using this nifty spray adhesive, I carefully sprayed the foam core, and placed the print on top, smoothing it out at I went to make sure there were no bubbles. You have to be really careful with this step because once the paper hits the adhesive you won’t be able to reposition it.Creating Your Own Typography Art
After the print was safely secured to the foam core, I trimmed the excess foam core and added a wood frame.
Creating Your Own Typography Art
To make the frame – I used the same process as the DIY abstract I made a couple months back. Creating Your Own Typography Art

This time, I painted the frame the same color as the bed. I love that emerald green color. It really pops against the pink walls, don’t you think?

Creating Your Own Typography Art

You can download this print for free right here (for your personal use only)—-> GOOD VIBES ONLY PRINTABLE

Make Your Own Typography Art

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  1. I’m a huge font hoarder as well! I buy them all the time, but don’t even have half of them installed! I never thought to do an engineer print and make the frame!

  2. Hi there!
    I have never posted a comment before on a blog, but I feel so compelled after seeing this post! your style is amazing–a perfect balance of soothing colors and pops of bright fun colors. Its not easy, and you do it so well!
    I love your daughter’s emerald spindle bed. Gorgeous! Would you PLEASE tell me the name and brand of the emerald paint color you used??
    Praying all is well for you in Jacksonville, after the hurricane that swept through….

    1. Hi Randi! I’m so glad you like it and that you took the time to comment 🙂 The paint color is called Mermaid Sea by Behr. I had it mixed into Behr Marquee paint because I think it has the best coverage. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Chelsea!

    When I download this printable, it’s cutting off the top of the “d”. Any ideas why?