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DIY Accent Table

I’ve been searching for the perfect accent table to go alongside my big comfy chair for the longest time now. I’ve seen several at Target and Home Goods that catch my eye but the price tags always make me cringe; and it’s been slow at my favorite thrift shops lately. Last week when I headed into Target for one thing (isn’t that how every story starts?) I spotted a wire laundry basket that a unique design. I immediately knew it was going to be my new accent table.DIY Accent Table from a wire basketCreating the accent table was really very simple and only required a few supplies. After purchasing the basket for only $9 I headed straight to Lowes to grab some flat black spray paint and a round wood top (additional $15). The wood round was located in the lumber section of the store with the other precut pieces.

Target Laundry Basket Side Table

I’m so glad that I have such a good relationship with spray paint. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to see past the blue color of this basket and this whole project would have never came to be. Friends, don’t be afraid to pick up a can of spray paint. It can change everything!

DIY Wood Top Side Table

First step here was to spray the basket black. I used this Rustoleum flat black. I didn’t want any gloss so the flat black was the perfect choice here.

DIY Side Table

It took several coats of paint to get every space of the basket black. I allowed it to try for several hours (it was a rainy day).

I didn’t take a picture of the wood round (blogger fail) but I just quickly sanded it and stained it with my favorite special walnut stain.

Rustic Side Table

To secure the table to the wire we used these little fasteners. My hubs had taken them off some other piece of furniture that we had thrifted and they ended up being a perfect fit for this.

Industrial Side Table

I used two fasteners with two screws each and that was plenty to keep the table top nice and snug.

Here’s a look at the finished accent table:

Laundry Basket End Table

It’s the perfect height and I love lounging in my chair and resting my coffee on my new table.

Basket End Table

Thanks for visiting with me today!

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Ps if you want to learn more about those yellow chair legs you can check that post out here.

I’m sharing this project to Savvy Southern Style.

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  1. LOVE this! I did the same thing with an old thrifted wire trash can (but used a piece of stone for the top – maybe it’s marble?). Isn’t it fun to use things like laundry baskets in unexpected ways?

  2. love this table, great diy. the blue was a fun color, too, but black looks even better.

  3. Woah, this is so smart! I’m gonna be on the lookout for cute trashcans now ; ]

  4. You are a genius, Chelsea! This is stunning! And you can’t beat the price! Pinning!

    ~Abby =)

  5. Amazing amazing amazing. Amazing. You have such a good eye to see how that basket could be turned into a table!

  6. Super cute! I’ think it’s one of the cutest and most inventive (plus inexpensive) DIY things I’ve ever seen. So useful, unique, and light and airy. I don’t think you could have done better if you’d spent a bundle on a table.

  7. Chelsea this is awesome! What an awesome custom piece and the black spray paint really did wonders! Pinned 🙂

  8. Chelsea! I love, love, love this! You have a GREAT eye and what a fabulous table idea! Pinning!

  9. I could have sworn I commented on this, but am not seeing it! Whatevs! Anyway, I LOVE this idea!!! Its sheer genius! Oooo, maybe I commented on G+.. This is how random my brain is. Its the perfect size and is very “airy”! Love!

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  16. I love this idea!! I already have a piece of wood that I think might work but looked at Target and online and cannot find this wire basket? I am in So Cal as well. Do you remember what dept. you found it? Was it clearance? Thanks!

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  21. You can get these baskets at the Container store for $19.99. Also I saw some large baskets at Ross for the same price.

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  24. I love this DIY! This will be a perfect addition to our nursery! How tall is your basket you used. Your height looks like the perfect height for our chair also.

  25. Hey Chelsea,
    My mom was interesting in making your table and was interested where you purchased the wire basket? Thought it was funny, she lives Kokomo and I see you live right here in Jacksonville with me. Small world ?

    1. Hi Chris, you’re in Jacksonville too? How wonderful! Yes, the basket is from Target. this post is a few years old so I’m not sure if they have the same basket or one similar but I found it in the kid’s furnishing/storage area! Hope that helps!

  26. I found this tutorial in your round up today and I am SMITTEN! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m imagining using a copper basket I found at TJ Maxx and attaching a white top. Ohhh I can’t wait this is going to be GOOD!

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