Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Just about every kid loves stuffies and just about every parent gets to the point where we wonder what kind of storage solution will actually work for the stuffed animal clutter. Stuffed animal storage is a tricky one and with the exception of constantly purging stuffed animals, it can be hard to keep them from taking over a space.

Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms

My two girls have gotten really into Squishmallows in the last couple of years and as their collection continues to grow I’ve been on the hunt for good stuffed animal storage ideas to keep these plushy friends from overtaking their rooms.

It seems like the problem with stuffed animals is that they get out of control before you realize it’s a problem. Thinking ahead about how you’re going to organize your child’s stuffed animals from the beginning is really helpful. Let’s take a look at some of the best stuffed animal storage ideas.

Where to Store all the Stuffed Animals?

Add a few favorite stuffed animals to your child’s bed

Consider using your kid’s bed as a place for stuffed animal storage. Adding a few favorite stuffies or the ones they like to sleep with on the bed and opt for additional storage elsewhere. One to three stuffies on the bed is a great storage location, as they can still easily get into bed at night without having to toss dozens (or more) of stuffed animals onto the floor.

Get rid of the stuffed toys your kids no longer love

My kids get stuffed animals regularly throughout the year. With the exception of their collection of Squishmallows, they are loved for a short time, and then they are ready to part with them. We frequently go through the stuffed animals and toys to purge the ones that are no longer getting much love. Consider giving them away to friends, or dropping them off at a donation center, shelter, or even a pet shelter. The best way to manage storage for stuffed animals is to not store them at all.

Stuffed Animal One in One Out Rule

It’s a good idea to have a one in and one out rule with toys specifically stuffies. If my children want a new stuffy, we remind them of the one in and one out rule so we’re not overwhelmed by stuffed toys. That simply means that to get a new stuffed animal, we have to give one away. This helps them to think twice about their purchase or their ask for something new. This works for all toys, not just stuffed animals! This works great particularly if you are already limited on your stuffed animal storage. You just have to be careful that you aren’t trading a huge stuffy for a pocket sized one.

Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas and Tips

Getting to the meat of this post – there are plenty of products and DIY projects that will adequately allow for storage of stuffed animals. Let’s dive into some of them!

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

This product is new to me and just so genius. It’s basically a bean bag chair with a zipper but it’s empty so you use your stuffed animals as the stuffing. A stuffed animal chair – it’s brilliant. It can also be a clever storage ottoman as well. We love a multipurpose product and this one is pretty smart. If you like to sew, here’s a DIY version that seems pretty simple to whip up.I love this idea because my youngest has always asked for a bean bag chair but it just seems so useless to me and they take up a ton of floor space. With this bean bag stuffed animal storage idea I think I could justify getting her a bean bag chair. Another great thing about this is the ability to rotate out the stuffed animals that are out and about.

Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock

These corner of the room stuffed animal storage hammocks for stuffed toys are as old as I can remember. I definitely had a stuffed animal net one as a little kid. This version with tassels is elevated and pretty cute for any kid’s room. We got something similar for my oldest daughter’s room so she can stash some of her Squishmallows up high. These are great because they utilize some of the space overhead instead of the ground space in a room.

Storage Bins, Ottomans, and Tables as Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Years ago I made a side table from a wire basket similar to this. It’s brilliant to have a removable top to stash some pillows or in our case some stuffed animals. This would make a great bedside table on an accent table next to a chair. Stuffed toys will be securely stashed away while still having a functional table in the child’s room. Alternatives to something like this would be a wire laundry basket, milk crates, or a wooden crate – they are all great for storing stuffed animals.

Here’s another excellent basket that will work for stuffy storage. A tall, slim wire basket is great for stuffed animal storage. It can neatly be tucked into a corner of a room and all the stuffies can be tossed in there when done playing. My only suggestion for something like this is to make sure the stuffed toys aren’t overflowing out of the bin, otherwise, the purpose is defeated. If you have many stuffed animals to stow away, consider getting a couple of baskets and storing one (or both) in a closet.

Over-the-door basket storage for stuffed animals is a great way to utilize otherwise wasted space. I love an over-the-door organizer. They are so useful for many things. If you have real little ones these are great for collecting small stuffed animals and they can adorably peek over the edge of the baskets. As the kids get bigger so do the stuffed animals and something like this might not be as effective. This is definitely an option worth looking into to keep those stuffed animals tucked away.

How cute is this little DIY stuffed animal storage is so cute as a stuffed animal zoo? This is a pretty creative way to store stuffed animals. I like it because you can really tailor this to the size and scale that you need. Also, it makes it really easy for the kiddos to put their toys away.

I really love the look and style of this shelving unit. I think it would be so great in a kid’s space. While it may not hold a bunch of stuffies, it definitely would hold a few and display them adorably. You can get several shelves and place them together for even more storage space. You can even add fabric baskets to create drawers for hidden stuffed animal storage. This is a perfect option for a playroom or a kid’s bedroom that wants to display some other decor items.

These hanging mesh columns are a pretty clever stuffed animal storage idea. You can hang them from ceiling hooks in your child’s room. I think imaginative little ones will have a lot of fun creating little “houses” for their stuffies or making little animal swings with the different sections of the mesh columns. They come in a bunch of colors if yellow isn’t for you.

Wrapping up the discussion on stuffed animal storage ideas

As parents, it’s really hard to keep a handle on the toy storage situation but there are several perfect storage solutions for all the stuffed teddy bears and more. It’s a good idea to institute a one in one out rule so that you keep the stuffed toys at a minimum, to begin with. Once your kids have their favorites, you can consider how best to organize them. I personally love the bins/basket with a tabletop as it’s multi-functional, storage boxes, as well as the hammocks and shelves that keep things off the ground leaving more space for play! I would love to hear your ideas for organizing stuffed animals as well. Let me know in the comments below!

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