Dog Fence Ideas for any Backyard

If you are a serial renter who has pets like me, you likely put having a fenced-in yard high on the list of must-haves when looking for a new home. Often though, the best options are homes without fences. Here are eight temporary dog fence ideas for your backyard that won’t break the bank and are portable enough that you can take with you when it’s time to move again.

In this post, I’ll show you some of the best dog fence ideas to keep your pup safe and in a place where they will have their own space while still being able to see you. Many of these backyard dog fence ideas will be great for traveling and can easily be packed into an RV.

Importance of a Dog Fence

The most important reason to have a dog run fence for your pet  is their safety. A fence will keep them from running off and out into the street and getting hit by a car or getting into a fight with another animal.  It also protects them from getting lost or worse yet stolen.  

Dogs enjoy being outdoors because to them it is where all the action happens, especially if they have been cooped up indoors all day while everyone was at work and school for most of their day. Hopefully you find one of these dog run fence ideas useful for your dog to expend all that built up energy.

Having a fence is also great to have when you are crunched for time and do not have the time to take your dog on lengthy potty walks. Dog runs also allow your dog additional outdoor off leash playtime as you don’t have to have direct supervision while your dog is in the fenced yard.

Portable  Metal Dog Fence

Portable metal dog fence used near a campsite
Via Walmart

This metal wire fence is popular as it is suitable for all small dogs and large dogs it is easy to set up and is durable and portable. It is also large enough so you don’t have to feel guilty leaving your pet in there for a few hours. This type of metal fence can also grow with your dog by simply adding more panels.

Indoor Fabric Dog Fence 

Small dog pop up portable fence
Via Amazon

This indoor dog fence idea is a great option if you want to have guests over and don’t want your dog jumping all over them or dogs that do not do well when placed in another room by themselves. This type of enclosure is probably only suitable for smaller dogs or dogs that are older and on the tame side. This would be an easy solution for those who travel or live in an RV as it is easy to stow away once its time to pack up.

Retractable Dog Fence

If you are searching for a truly portable dog fence option this one is for you. This fence is 2 feet high and retracts to 25 feet in length. This fence is ideal if you have a large area to fence in. The ends are made of a sturdy aluminum and suitable for all weather conditions.

Vinyl Dog Fence

Another great dog fencing option is this vinyl temporary fence from Amazon. Each panel has a connector piece that connects with another panel allowing you to make this fence as large as needed to contain your pet. I like this temporary fencing option as you can easily stake this fence in-ground for better security and it is much prettier than a lot of the other no dig dog fence options available.

DIY Plastic Dog Fence

This is probably the cheapest no dig dog fencing material option. I am not sure I would use this option as a long-term solution, but if you need a temporary fence for just a short while this may be the most cost-effective temporary fence available.

Temporary Dog Fencing Kit

temporary pet fence kit installed in a wooded backyard.
Via Best Friend Fence

I like this DIY doing fence for your backyard kit from it has everything you need for installation and can be done in an afternoon.  

Chainlink Fence for dogs

Chainlink fence in a small backyard used to keep dogs and other pets safe and secure
Via Fence Works NW

Chain link fences are a more permanent dog proof fencing solution but I have seen people move and take them with them as they move from home to home. A chainlink fence will keep your pet safe and contained in your yard and can be easily removed when it’s time to move again. This is a great option if you are allowed to make changes to your property. Often there are strict rules from either the landlord or the Home Owners Association that ban these types of fences so it is a good idea to check with the landlord before installing a chainlink fence for your dog.  

Electric Dog Fence

An electric fence is a great way to keep your dog contained in your yard without having to build a physical fence. These invisible dog fences work by sending a signal through a wire that is buried around the perimeter of your property. When your dog approaches the boundary of the property they will receive a mild vibration or shock from an electric collar that will deter them from leaving the property. Electric fences are very effective and are used by many pet owners.

There are many different types of electronic dog fences available on the market today, so finding one to fit both your needs and budget should not be difficult. I like this electric fence from Amazon as it has humane settings that won’t harm your pet, it is also 100% wireless and requires no digging to install. Additionally, if your dog does happen to escape this dog fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected when they pass the boundary.

Peek A Boo Dog Fencing

This is my all-time favorite dog fence idea. How fun is this! I love that it allows you to keep your dog safe but still allows them to see the outside world. There are a multitude of ways to create this fencing idea you could purchase a fence with it pre-built in like this example. Another option is the DIY option, simply cut a hole into your fence a voila you have a Peek a boo dog fence. You will want to be careful as you want to ensure you make the hole big enough for your pet to see out of but not too big it will allow your pet to escape.

Interior Dog Fence

All the other dog fence ideas have been designed for outdoor use. Here is one that is designed solely for indoors. This is the perfect way to keep pets out of areas of your home where they may not be wanted like the kitchen or kids rooms.

Dog Escaping Prevention

If your dog is anything like mine (a digger) you could have the nicest fence but it won’t do much good if your dog just digs right under it and escapes. Here are three I have found to be helpful prevent your dog from escaping your newly fenced yard

Dog Fence Barrier

This anti-escape barrier is fantastic while it won’t prevent the digging it will prevent your pet from being able to escape through the hole they are digging. This barrier is super simple to install, simply take a rubber mallet and pound the barrier into the ground right at the fence line. Adding this barrier to any fence will make it instantly dog-proof  and help keep pesky critters at bay.

Anti- Digging Sprays

If you have a dog that likes to dig under the fence there are commercial sprays available that will deter your pet from digging. I like this  (LINK 10) anti-dig spray from Amazon, it is all natural and non toxic to humans, wildlife, and plants it can also be applied directly to the area you want the dog to stop digging in. This repellent works by emitting a scent that is undetectable to humans but very unpleasant for dogs, preventing them from wanting to return to the area and continue digging.

Shaded Area

Many dogs to dig stay cool during the heat of the day and they may inadvertently dig themselves an escape route and we all know that dogs do not have much self-control so they will likely take advantage of this newly created escape route. To prevent this kind of digging in your backyard simply direct your dog to shady locations in the fenced area, such as under a tree or next to a building, and praise them when they stay there. You may also want to consider providing a doghouse for the dog to retreat to when the sun becomes unbearable for your dog.

Having a fenced in backyard play area for your pet is a great way to keep your dog safe while giving them their own space to run around in. There are many different types of temporary dog fences available, so be sure to do your research before choosing the right one for you and your pet. Thanks for reading! I hope you found this article helpful and can find a dog run fence that works for you.

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