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Floating Shelves Around a Fireplace

If you have not been following the blog lately I have been obsessed with fireplace design. Maybe because my current home doesn’t have one and I feel envious. Whatever the reason nothing quite compares to the charm and warmth of sitting next to a fireplace. I have been talking an awful lot about the actual fireplace but what about the space that surrounds the fireplace? That’s where floating shelves make an excellent design choice. Floating shelves by a fireplace can transform the fireplace from ordinary to a beautiful focal point in your home. Whether you’re a fan of modern aesthetics (like me), classical design, or the ever popular farmhouse aesthetic, these shelves offer versatility, functionality, and definitely style. So if you are ready to turn that blank canvas into an eye-catching display for all your favorite collectables, knickknacks, and home decor check out the post below.

What are Floating Shelves?

Floating shelves are wall-mounted shelves that don’t require visible brackets or support mechanisms. This gives the illusion that the shelf is “floating” against the wall, hence the name. I’ve completed several floating shelf projects over the years, and they are fairly simple to install with basic tools. They are great for DIY projects and can be easily customized to fit any space. For these reasons, I almost always prefer floating shelves vs. traditional shelves.

Large art work over hangs this firepalce that also has floating shelves on either side.

Why Use a Floating Shelf Around a Fireplace?

There are several reasons why floating shelves make the perfect addition to your fireplace decor. They provide much-needed symmetry and balance to the space around the fireplace. Without any decor or shelving, this area can look bare and uninteresting. Floating shelves also provide a great opportunity to display all your favorite knickknacks and small home decor items. Floating shelves can also help you declutter your home since you now have more storage and shelf space.

Floating Shelves with a Fireplace – Ideas and Inspiration

Modern Long Floating Shelf

This simple yet beautiful design is absolutely stunning. I love the seat cushions placed on the hearth. This would be the perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon coffee or read a book on cold winter nights. The long floating shelf is really understated in this design and the small pottery collection is a nice touch. It is the perfect amount of items for this shelf design.

Various Sized Shelves

Mixing and matching various sized floating shelves around a fireplace can create a unique display. You can add in larger pieces like artwork or plants, along with smaller items like candles or books to create a balanced and visually appealing arrangement. I love how the floating shelves are not symmetrical its a great look and not something I have seen before.

Low Floating Shelves Around a Fireplace

These low shelves around this fireplace are the perfect addition to this low ceiling living room. I love that they are over little cabinets it’s a truly great design. The low shelves almost keep your eyes from noticing the low ceiling. Without the beautiful chandelier hanging in this living room you almost wouldn’t notice the low ceiling.

All White Shelves by a Fireplace

For a clean and modern look, go with all white floating shelves around your fireplace. This design is simple yet elegant, with the white shelves seamlessly blending in with the white walls. The addition of greenery and a few decorative items adds just enough color to keep the space from feeling too barren. I love that these shelves are able to display plants, books, and other small home decor items adding much needed color to this space. The asymmetrical design is also a great choice since it allows you to display taller decor items as well.

White Shelves Around a Fireplace

This fireplace with a floating shelf design might just be my overall favorite. If you are a longtime reader this should not be a surprise as I love decorating with blues and whites. I love the white shelves and the blue background adds just the right amount of color/ darkness to this living room. The neutral decor items displayed coordinate perfectly with the stone fireplace living room furniture and are beautifully displayed.

Chunky Black Shelves Near a Fireplace

For a bold and modern look, try using chunky black floating shelves around your fireplace. This design is unique in a lot of ways. I love the idea of mounting the TV to the side of the fireplace instead of the traditional TV over the fireplace. On the other side of the fireplace is where you will find the shelves which display beautiful light colored artwork. This design also allows you to prominently display artwork over the fireplace which is my preferred 6ydesign choice.

Floating Shelves Around a Fireplace With Lighting

Looking to up your floating shelves? This design is a great way to elevate not just your floating shelves but your entire room. Adding undermounted lighting adds a touch of class and are a great way to highlight your favorite home decor pieces.

Floating Bookcases Near a Fireplace

Now here is a really unique idea. This designer raised an entire bookcase, I guess this is still technically a floating shelf just in a different manner. This is really a brilliant idea though. You could easily use IKEA shelving units that are really inexpensive and achieve this look for a relatively low cost.

Chunky Wood Floating Shelves

I have always loved the chunky wood look and this design is no exception. I loved this design so much but didn’t have the budget that a while back I did a DIY faux chunky wood shelf in my pantry. This modern looking design is perfect for this living room and goes well with the chunky wood fireplace mantle.

Shiplap With Wood Floating Shelves

Shiplap has become extremely popular in home decor over the years and it’s not hard to see why. The clean lines and timeless look of the shiplap make it an excellent choice for any fireplace design. Pairing your fireplace shiplap with wood shelves adds an extra rustic touch to your home. This is 100% a design I can’t wait to use in my own home when I finally get my forever home. I love everything about this.

Modern Fireplace With Floating Shelves

If you’re looking for a more modern take on the shiplap fireplace look, consider going with black shiplap and floating shelves. The combination of the dark shiplap and light wood shelves is stunning. Add in some greenery or colorful decor items if you really want to make this design pop. The idea of painting a high ceiling fireplace black is an ideal way to draw attention up and give your space the illusion of being bigger than it actually is. I can’t talk about this photo without mentioning that chandelier that might be one of the most beautiful high ceiling light fixtures I have seen. It’s a truly stunning focal point in this room.

Fireplace with Floating Shelf and Desk

Having lived in Military housing for the last 5 years one thing I have learned to love is versatility within my home that’s why I love this design so much. A practical and of course versatile way to incorporate floating shelves around your fireplace is by adding a built-in desk. This design not only provides extra storage space for your home office, but also creates a very functional workspace. The addition of floating shelves above the desk allows you to display personal items or office supplies while keeping your work area clutter-free. While this may not be everyone’s ideal work location since it lacks privacy it works for this home. If you do not ever work from home I can also see this as being a great spot for Kids to finish their homework.

Floating Shelves Around a Fireplace with Cabinets

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate even more storage into your home and floating shelf design, consider adding cabinets below the shelves. This allows for both functional and decorative display areas around the fireplace. The cabinets can be used to store extra firewood, blankets, or other not so pretty items while the shelves above can display your favorite decor pieces.

High Ceiling Fireplace

For those lucky enough to have high ceilings in their home, a fireplace with a floating shelf is the perfect opportunity to accentuate the height of your space. By adding a tall floating shelf above your fireplace, you can draw the eye up and creatively use the upward space in your living room. This design also provides additional space for displaying larger decor items or creating a statement with bold pieces that don’t have a home elsewhere.

Brick With Floating Shelves

Brick fireplaces are a classic and timeless design choice, but they can often feel heavy and overwhelming. Adding shelves by a brick fireplace is a great way to break up the weight of the brick and add some decorative touches to your living room. Consider using lighter wood shelves if your brick is dark or darker wood shelves if your brick is lighter, like this example. This will give your fireplace area excellent contrast and make the area a true focal point in your home.

Farmhouse Shelves by a Fireplace

If you love the farmhouse style, consider incorporating it into your floating shelf design. This example uses gray chunky wood shelves combined with barn door cabinets for a true farmhouse aesthetic. The stone fireplace and dark wood flooring just adds to the farmhouse appeal of this fireplace design. To me this design is exactly what comes to mind when I think of farmhouse design style.

Floating Shelves Around a Fireplace Closing

To wrap up, adding shelves next to a fireplace is not only a great way to fill empty space but also adds functionality and style to your living room. Whether you prefer traditional, modern, or farmhouse design, there are endless options for incorporating floating shelves into your home. So next time you’re stumped on how to decorate the space beside your fireplace, consider adding some floating shelves to up your home decor and make your space a true focal point in your home.

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