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Fall Decorating With Finds From Walmart

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I really enjoy fall decorating. I love warm and cozy layers, bringing in textures, and the overall feel of fall in a home. For me, fall decorating in the home is about bringing those cozy feelings into the space. Not necessary with trinkets and signs but with things like candles, textured blankets, swapping out throw pillows, etc. For this, I generally purchase a handful of new things but I keep the budget reasonable and get things that can be used throughout my home or other parts of the year. Walmart is such a great place for affordable home decor. This year’s selection of fall items is perfect for what I’m looking for – layers of cozy.

Whether you’re hosting guests or just getting your space ready for your family to cozy up, it’s important for it to feel inviting. Snagging a few fall pieces to elevate your home’s cozy-ability is a good idea. It didn’t take me long to find a bunch of great options for fall decorating at Walmart. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

Gold Lanterns | I love these lanterns for indoor or outdoor use. They are lovely for a centerpiece in your dining room or a little coffee table styling with these flameless candles. Also, now that it’s cooling off and we’re spending more time outdoors here in the desert – I love these lanterns for outdoors creating a cozy ambiance.

Flameless Candles | I switched to flameless candles a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. These are some of my favorites. They are super affordable and very real-looking.

Planter | Adorable 10×10 planter which will look great with mums on the porch this fall.

Cake Stand | How cute is this acacia wood cake stand? I’m a collector of cake stands because I love making cakes but this would be great for a variety of things like corraling oils and spices near the stove. You can also use it as a table centerpiece with some candles and greenery. Many options.

Dishware | I know not everyone does this but I do like swapping out my dishware with the seasons. In the summer I like a plain white dish but in the fall I like something a little more substantial. I thought these dishes were great for a fall table. They’re a matte finish in a cream color – so pretty. I am a huge fan of Better Homes & Gardens dishware – I have several sets now and have been so pleased with how well they’ve held up.

Gold Flatware | Gold flatware is just so pretty for special occasions like Thanksgiving but also just for having friends over for a meal. Flatware can be pretty pricey but I’m really impressed with how reasonable this twenty-piece set is.

Fall Canvas Print | I don’t generally swap out my artwork for seasons but I thought this was really pretty and could bring in some warmth that conveys all those fall feels.

Acacia Wood Tray | Perfect tray for entertaining. I’m all about a wooden tray. They are probably the most versatile pieces to have in decorating. You can use it as a coffee table centerpiece or for a cheeseboard. So many options – you can never have enough of these.

Woven Placemats | How darling are these woven placemats? They’re great for bringing some texture to your table this fall. I love the colors as I typically stay in my blue and white wheelhouse through all seasons – these are a great fall piece without diving into the traditional colors.

Velvet Tassel Pillow | I’m a big, huge, fan of these darling feather-filled velvet tassel pillow that comes in under $16 and is offered in a variety of shades. Generally speaking, it’s hard to find a feather-filled insert at that price so to get this great pillow for $16 is a steal!

Teddy Pillow | Another oblong pillow that caught my eye is this taupe-colored super soft teddy pillow. It’s gold zipper and zipper pull detail are what did me in on this pillow. I love it.

Dutch Oven | I cannot recommend a dutch oven enough. Dutch ovens scream fall. All of those soup recipes, bread recipes, are perfectly made in this dutch oven. I’ve mentioned this particular one before because I love an oval dutch oven. This color for fall is the best.

Plaid Floor Pillow | Two of these next to a fireplace is picture perfect to me. They’re a decent size, at 24×24, for kids, for adults, or even furry family members. These come in a few colors – I love the plaid for fall.

Striped Tassel Throw | When I think of fall I think of all the blankets I need to pull out. I love to keep a few in our storage coffee table and a few on the couch and chairs. Anytime we’re together as a family in the living room, the blankets come out. This one is just perfect for fall. I love the stripes and I guess I have a thing for tassels this season, the tassel pillow, and now this tassel throw.

Cane + Wood Basket | I’m always all about the baskets for storage. I thought this one was great. I don’t typically swap out my baskets seasonally but maybe I should? I love the warmth of this one.

Please tell me you love these things as much as I do? Walmart understood the fall assignment and I’m here for it.

You can find tons more fall home decor options on Walmart.com


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