Buffets and Sideboards that work as TV Stands

Growing up I remember tv stands being these massive whole wall unit things, entertainment centers is what they were called. As a family that frequently moves, I can’t imagine having a massive wall unit to house our tv. We’ve been using a sideboard for our tv stand for years. The first one I had was a second-hand sideboard that I found at a garage sale. It was beautiful the wood was a little orangey for my taste. I ended up finding a perfect piece to use as a tv stand a few years ago at a local shop.

If you’re on the hunt for TV stand ideas, today’s the day for you! For as long as we’ve had it, the sideboard that we use as a TV stand is the most requested item that readers want to be sourced. We were lucky enough to snag it at a sidewalk sale at a furniture boutique in Jacksonville Beach, Florida (called Cottage by the Sea if you’re ever in the area). Since I have no way of sharing the exact TV stand we have, I rounded up several others that are similar in style.

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Sideboard as a tv stand - tips for using sideboards and buffets as tv stands
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Sideboards as TV Stands

If you’re wondering if it’s appropriate to use a sideboard as a TV stand, my opinion is yes, absolutely. Sideboards are the right size height and length-wise to fit a television plus they have plenty of surface area for cable consoles or video game consoles. Whether you mount your tv or have it sitting on top, sideboards make excellent tv stands. The only concern you may have is the height in relation to your sofa. It’s a good rule of thumb for your tv to be able at eye level when seated on the couch.

Originally when we were searching for something to put the tv on, all we could find was very modern-looking pieces, think black with glass shelving. I love a more collected over time look so an interesting wood piece of furniture fits better with my style. I think a sideboard or a buffet as a tv stand gives a more collected look, which I love. Sideboards are great as tv stands. They typically have some hidden storage that you can utilize for remotes and cords as well as children’s toys. Buffets and sideboards also work well as tv stands because they are an appropriate height and length. Our sideboard is on the taller side at over 40 inches but I like having the tv a bit higher than eye level when we are seated on the sofa.

A round up of sideboards and buffets that have a coastal modern look and can be used as tv stands.
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Here are several great options for sideboard tv stands that are coastal casual in style.

Buying a new sideboard isn’t the only option when it comes to using a sideboard as a tv stand. You can usually find high-quality sideboards and buffets at thrift stores and yard sales. As I mentioned above, the first tv stand sideboard we used was found at a garage sale. Find something solid wood and consider refinishing it for a nice budget-friendly sideboard tv stand.

Buffets and sideboards make great TV stands because they can easily hide cords, there’s plenty of storage, and they are usually large enough to fit a living room-sized television. Selecting the right size sideboard is important – you want to make sure you have enough surface area to fit the base of the television. Additionally, if you opt to mount the tv – you still want the width of the sideboard to be longer than the width of the tv.

We have a 42 inch TV on our sideboard turned TV stand. Sideboards are also much more pleasing to the eye and you can find a sideboard in pretty much every style you can imagine.

The buffets and sideboards I rounded up range in budget but would all look equally amazing in a coastal-inspired space. This one is probably the most similar to the one we have, just without the glass doors. I really love the sleek design of this one. Those cane doors are gorgeous. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, this one and this one are great!

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