Backyard Picnic for Mother’s Day

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Ever since becoming a mom, Mother’s Day has been my favorite. The precious handmade gifts, the thoughtful ideas, and the meaningful hugs I get totally make the day. There’s just nothing better than celebrating with your kiddos.

All of us have been loving the warm weather and have been enjoying weekly picnic lunches in our backyard for weeks now. It’s become a really fun ritual. As Mother’s Day approaches Peighton and I decided it would be fun to create a little celebratory picnic lunch with a special lunch and a special bubbly beverage! We had so much fun that I wanted to put together a few tips on how to have the best Mother’s Day picnic whether you are hosting a gang of people or just you and your babies. Here are some tips to creating a great Mother’s Day picnic lunch.

Make the menu simple

Picnics are so fun and they can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Since this a Mother’s Day picnic, I vote for going simple that way you can spend less time preparing and more time enjoying! Stick with finger foods like mini sub sandwiches or even PB&Js along with some fresh fruit or veggies. Serving your lunch on large trays instead of multiple plates will make transporting much easier!

Get cozy

It’s not a picnic without cozy blankets laid out in the grass. I recently purchased a couple of these round beach towels. They are super thick so they double as perfect picnic blankets as well! I laid out just one since it was just me and my girls but if you are hosting a group, be sure to lay out several cozy blankets for your friends!

Add a little fancy

For my family, it’s not a special occasion without a “cheers!” We love any reason to toast! I picked up some Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider because it is a staple for every festivity – especially a Mother’s Day picnic. I love it because it’s made with no chemical preservatives or sweeteners (mom win) and Peighton loves it because it’s fizzy. We both love it because it tastes great and if we’re drinking sparkling cider than we have something to celebrate!

Take time to enjoy!

As moms, we typically spend more time playing host to everyone and less time living in the moment. Especially when hosting friends, I sometimes forget to ENJOY the present. So, my biggest tip for this Mother’s Day, is to be present and enjoy those sweet kiddos of yours. Don’t worry that something spills or that your dress gets dirty, just have fun and try to remember these sweet babies at exactly these moments! That’s what this day is all about – celebrating motherhood, every messy part.

As you plan your own Mother’s Day picnic lunch, be sure to add Martinelli’s to your grocery list. You can find Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider by using this store locator on the Martinelli’s official website. You can also find more ways to celebrate with Martinelli’s by visiting Martinelli’s Pinterest Account.

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  1. I’ve been eyeing those round blankets at our local store! Adorable idea! I agree with having to have some “cheers!”