My Five Favorite Purchases for the Home

I talk a lot about decor items and changing things out seasonally but what about the staples? Today, I want to share five of my most favorite purchases for our home to date. Things that I’ve purchased, used, love, and adore. Things that deserve their very one blog post because they are just that good. Things that I’d recommend to a friend.

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Let’s get right to it. 

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Our Sofa

Our IKEA sofa was bought second hand for $250 over four years ago. I invested another $50 in a new slipcover for it and never looked back. It’s been the number one best purchase for our home. At this point in our lives, it does not make sense for us to spend lots of dough on a sofa that gets pummeled daily by two little cuties. I absolutely love that I can remove the slipcover and toss it in the wash with a ton of Oxyclean and it comes out looking brand new every time.  It has hands down been the best investment.

Our Mattress

If you aren’t sleeping on a cloud you’re missing out. We replaced our mattress about three years ago with this memory foam one, the Serta iComfort. Matt and I still talk about how much we love our bed. I like a really soft mattress, one that just kind of hugs your whole body. I recognize this isn’t for everyone but if you too are interested in sleeping on a cloud, then give this mattress a test drive.

Original Artwork

I’ve really been into finding original artwork lately. I’ve always loved finding art and I’ve purchased lots of art prints from places like Minted.com but lately, I’ve been searching for original pieces from artists that I adore. I bought this piece from Brynn Casey last year and it’s hanging in our bedroom. It’s a piece I know I will have forever. Along the same lines, I have invested in quality framing of my own photography that has made all the difference in my home.

I had this photo printed and framed by Framebridge and it came out beautifully.

Full-length Mirror

Every home should have a full-length mirror. I have a leaning one in my bedroom that I would be lost without. You never know how necessary a full-length mirror is until you don’t have one. A few months ago, my old mirror broke in a clumsy accident, and I couldn’t get it together you guys. How do you know if your shoes look good with your top if you can’t see the whole get up? Anyway, this mirror is $50. It helps me every day and I’d recommend it to a friend 😉

Our Faucet

I’m officially spoiled when it comes to kitchen faucets. Our current faucet has all the bells and whistles a faucet can have and I’m obsessed. We have the Delta Esque in Matte Black. You can tap the handle or anywhere on the faucet to turn it on. What I really love about it is the ShieldSpray Technology, a powerful jet inside a dome-like water shield. It makes doing the dishes a breeze. I never thought I could love a faucet, but it turns out this faucet does more than dishes, it’ll make you fall in love.

What are your absolute favorite home purchases?

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