White Sofas with a Chaise

We bought a sofa a couple weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to share with you our process just in case anyone else is looking for a white sofa with a chaise. I know – kind of specific, right? We’ve now had three sofas in our nearly 13 years of marriage and so far, the $250 Craiglist find has been my favorite. Seriously, our current sofa, the IKEA Ektorp, was bought on Craiglist. I wasn’t sure I’d love the slipcovered life so I was determined to find a previously owned one to test it out. It’s lasted us four years and taken quite the beating from our two girls. I’ve talked about why I love a slipcovered sofa in the past. We’re ready for a new sofa for a handful of reasons:

  • Our current sofa is starting to fall apart. While I would recommend this sofa a hundred times over, I don’t think it’s made to last for decades. My kids are not easy on our furniture and generally, I’m okay with that. This sofa has been a trampoline one too many times.
  • We need a new slipcover but I don’t want to buy another slipcover for a sofa I’m not going to use any longer.
  • We need a bigger sofa. When we bought this sofa we had one small child. Our family has grown since then to include another child and a large dog. We just don’t all fit comfortably on this sofa anymore. We’re ready for a sofa where we can lounge comfortably.

For these reasons, we started the hunt for a new, comfy, couch! We decided to begin search for white sofas with a chaise for a few reasons. My preference would be two sofas or one classic sectional, however, we’re moving to a much smaller home. We’ve had a sectional in base housing previously and it took up the entire living space. Two sofas can be difficult to configure in smaller spaces. A sofa with a chaise is compact enough that it will fit nicely in a smaller living room while still being able to comfortably fit our family.

We considered many options before finally deciding on one and I wanted to share a few that we considered.

  1. Lounge II 2-piece sectional | I love the look of this oversized sofa. I first saw this sofa in Young House Love’s home and really love the size and modern look of it. I knew if it came in white that it would have a nice casual coastal look. It also is a reasonable price point for the size. It comes in dozens of colors and fabrics so there’s many options. Ultimately, I did not decide on this sofa because I really wanted a slipcover. I just love the casual look of a slipcovered sofa.
  2. Sleeper Sofa with Chaise | I researched this sofa because one of our recent Airbnb stays had this same couch. It was surprisingly comfortable for a sleeper and it’s IKEA so it’s very inexpensive. It reminds me of the Ektorp with the rolled arms, but without the traditional back cushions.
  3. Cozy and Comfy Sectional | If I ever were to buy a sofa without seeing it first, this would have been the one. It checked all the boxes. White slipcovered, down filled, and a chaise. The price point is fantastic and has amazing reviews too. I just wasn’t sure I could pull the trigger on a piece that will get so much wear in my home without having seen it in person.
  4. Willow Modern Sectional | I love the square arm and the deep seating of this sectional and it would have been a good option for a more formal space. It’s from the same retailer as the Lounge II and I’ve only heard positive things but there aren’t any reviews on this actual sofa.
  5. Pearce Sectional | These last two were my final contenders. It was between the Pearce and the York. We actually went into the store to try them both. We were told this is the best selling sofa sectional at the retailer. It’s easy to realize why – it’s insanely comfortable. I loved that it came in a square arm option, and slipcovered. It’s the perfect lounging sofa. That being said, the style wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing to me as the York so ultimately we did not go with this choice.
  6. York Sofa with Chaise | This was the sofa we ultimately decided on. It was not the least expensive option but I do think it will be an investment piece that we’ll have for a long time. We had visited the store some months back and tried out this sofa, the actual model we saw had just been sold as a floor model and boy were we bummed. We came back and found the bench seat sofa version and enjoyed it as well. We opted for the exact model you see above in the Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home in Oatmeal after my friend Sarah gave a rave review. We originally considered the Basketweave Slub in Oatmeal, which is machine washable, but I prefer the look of linen and the performance fabric seems to spot clean easier than the slub. Since it’s an investment we want to feel confident that we can care for it easily and this fabric allows that. I love that has a coastal casual feel and the pleats are a wonderful detail.

Join the conversation, if you have a slipcovered sofa with a chaise that you love I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Once our sofa arrives I’ll be sure to share how we are enjoying it so look forward to that.

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  1. We’re on the hunt for a sofa with chaise, as well. I’m curious to see if any of the chaises detach because of the weight.

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