Favorites from the Opalhouse™ Line at Target

Last night I stayed up way later than I want to admit just drooling over the new Opalhouse™ line of home decor items at Target. I love affordable decor and this line is stylish and very affordable. Many of the pieces are colorful with a global or boho flair but I found many items that fit perfectly in my coastal inspired home. Here’s a few of my favorites.

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I won’t comment on every piece but I do want to a highlight a few things.

I love all of the rattan pieces like this tray, and this mirror. I already shared the light and the coffee table in Good Stuff Saturday but I wanted to mention it again here because these are two items I’m planning on purchasing.

Another thing that caught my eye was the printed sheet sets. I feel like it’s hard to find affordable, modern sheet sets but this line contains many beautiful prints that are absolutely gorgeous!

The fiddle leaf fig is a great alternative if you’ve been eyeing them and don’t want to spend 200+. It’s $130 and is a 6 ft faux and I’m really interested to see how it looks in person. A store in my area has it in stock so I’m going to head over and check it out.

The whitewashed cane chair. The price of this chair is a bit higher than I would expect but it really is gorgeous! I would love a pair of these to replace the dark rattan club chairs I have by my fireplace. I would have to see them in person for the scale but I think they would be beautiful in a pair as an accent to any space.

Have you seen any of the Opalhouse™ line yet? I would love to hear what you’ve purchased or what you’re eyeing! You can click any of the images below to be taken directly to the items you’re interested in!

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  1. Honestly Opalhouse, just take my money and run! I want one of everything and none of our stores have it. Do you have any idea how much that pains me?! Lol!