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About five or so years ago, I found the most glorious coffee table on Craigslist. It was a large woven coffee table with rattan and a glass top. The glass top it came with didn’t fit the coffee table at all so we never used the top. Unfortunately, the rattan on top of the coffee table was slightly damaged when we bought it and as time went on it got worse. I eventually made the mistake of spray painting it white and then eventually got rid of it because I felt like I had ruined it beyond repair. I can’t even tell you how much regret I have over tossing out that table. Knowing what I know now, I would have done something to save the table. Maybe replace the top with caning and then find a glass top that actually fits the table. And while the table itself was such a beautiful design piece it wasn’t the most functional for our space. We really needed a coffee table with storage.

Coffee Tables with Storage - Seven coffee tables that double as storage solutions

We lived for a long time without a table. We didn’t get another until we moved to Twentynine Palms and I bought this woven storage coffee table for our living room. I knew I wanted a coffee table with storage in this house because the living space was so small and lacks proper storage space. I needed a place to hide some toys or throw blankets out of sight and finding a unique coffee table with storage was a bonus. The coffee table I have now has since sold out from several retailers and since I get asked about it quite frequently, I wanted to share some other options for the best coffee tables with storage.

The Best Coffee Tables With Storage

Best coffee tables with storage

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Coffee tables with storage or even ottomans with storage are perfect for rentals and smaller living spaces. It’s a great way to add functional yet stylish storage to your space. Our lift top coffee table houses extra blankets. A friend of mine, who bought the same coffee table after seeing mine, keeps all of her children’s dress-up clothes in hers. My girls have a playroom so, in this house, we have plenty of storage to keep all of their toys upstairs. Whenever we have little ones coming over I usually bring down some baby dolls and accessories to store in the coffee table to have some easily accessible toys available for our guests.

I rounded up a selection of coffee tables with storage. Some of them have open storage and some have storage compartments. I think all of these are lovely and functional pieces that will be sure to go nicely with your family room or living room design!

White Coffee Table with Drawers | I love this classic and elegant table. It’s got two drawers that would be great for remotes, games, smaller toys, or even necessities like batteries and chargers.

Drum Shaped Woven Ottomans | I love this style of storage because these can be paired together to make a coffee table situation or you can use them as an end table, pair a few in front of a fireplace, or at the end of a bed. The options are endless. What’s great about something like this, if you’re a renter, is that it can be used in multiple ways. It doesn’t have to be a coffee table so it’s great as a flexible piece of furniture that can be moved from room to room depending on your needs.

Square Coffee Table with Drawer | This reclaimed wood table is beautiful with clean lines and mid-century modern vibes. It would go with many decor styles. It also has generous storage with a large, hidden drawer to fit board games, pillows, and blankets. It’s on the pricier side but I’d pay for quality + storage. Another downside to this (and the coffee table I own) is that you’ll need trays or a flat surface to put on top if you like to use it as a table top to hold drinks or snacks.

Windowpane Storage Ottomans | Like the woven ottomans these are great because of their versatility. As a pair, they make a great coffee table. The best part about these ottomans are the price point. Under $100 for one – that makes for a very affordable coffee table option.

Woven Trunk Style Coffee Table | This one is most similar in style to the coffee table we have. It’s a gray-wash woven coffee table with storage but it’s rectangular in shape instead of round. This one probably works in most living room configurations better than the round, which I think works best with a sectional-style sofa situation. I also love the rope handle detail.

Vintage Brown Table with Trunk Storage | This table is unique. I love the brass accents. It would be a great accent piece to a living room. It’s pretty small so a pair of two would serve great as a coffee table. The top lifts up to reveal trunk-style storage. It’s on the pricier side so I’d consider it an investment piece – especially if you need to snag two.

Mango Wood Coffee Table with Storage Drawer | I love the herringbone detail on the top of this table. It’s a classic piece at an affordable price point that offers a reasonable amount of storage and if I’m being honest, I prefer a drawer to a lift top especially if you have little fingers around.

Wrapping Up

If you have a need for extra storage in a living area of your home I highly recommend considering a storage coffee table or ottoman. There are so many functional and beautiful coffee tables that have functional storage!

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