Florida Here We Come

Guys! This year has been crazy already. I feel like it’s already gone by in a blink. I know I’ve been a bit MIA around here and I can contribute that to the wild preparations that are going on around here.

You know that the military life has taken us all over the country, well it’s that time again. We’re making a big move to….



That has meant ditching everything that won’t be coming with us. I love starting fresh when we move. I didn’t want to take anything that we didn’t want/need. It’s been lots of paperwork, and phone calls, and arranging packers and movers. Mostly it’s meant spending time with our friends who have become family! That is always the hardest part about getting a new assignment, leaving your close friends. Not to mention saying goodbye to the unspeakable beauty that is southern California. Luckily, we are in for lots more sunshine and warm weather (I think!). It’s been a lot of accepting and adjusting – but I’m finally ready.CA to FL

Of course I’ll keep you updated here on the blog with all of the moving excitement and I’ll share any tips and tricks that I discover (or re-discover) along the way!

Florida friends – tell me everything you know about Jacksonville, FL! I look forward to life in the Sunshine State!

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  1. Oh wow! How very exciting for you Chelsea!!! Wishing you a smooth move and looking forward to following along with your new adventures in FLORIDA!

  2. I was wondering the other day what you were up to… so quiet here on Making Home Base. Glad to hear it’s a move that’s been keeping you busy! Good luck as you travel across the country, that’s no easy task I’m sure!!

  3. Chelsea,
    You will love Jacksonville!! I have relatives in Gainesville and they love it there! Jacksonville is full of opportunity and a wonderful Navy family! Good luck and God bless you and your family as you make this move.

    1. It is a big move! We are going at with a positive outlook – hoping for a nice smooth transition. Thank you, Marcia!!

  4. Jacksonville is the single most beautiful place I’ve ever been! I was in the middle of planning a move there years ago right before meeting my husband and ended up putting that on the back burner. You’re so lucky!

  5. Good luck with the move! Sounds like you have lots of fun things going on right now… Can’t wait to see where you end up!

  6. I hope your move is going well! We just received orders yesterday and we will be moving from Japan to Germany. Even though the moves are tough can’t be mad at getting to live somewhere awesome for the next 4 to 6 years! Looking forward to a post on how you plan to decorate your new home!

  7. Chelsea, More sunshine sounds fantastic. We have married left our home in Melbourne Australia moved to London then Wiltshire UK & now to amazing Girona Spain all in the last 3 years.

    I was previously a navy wife so that has made me an expert packer & organizer.

    This apartment is a little mystery to us as we know the location in Barri Vell the Old Town but the inside ??. I do know I have 5 balconies to play with. so I wish you all the luck with your move & look forward to seeing your new home.

    1. wow Michele that sounds amazing! 5 balconies? You can have your morning coffee/tea on a different one each day of the work week! How fun! I would love to see pictures when you get it set up! Email me anytime – chelsea@makinghomebase.com 🙂

  8. Hi Chelsea,
    I fell in love with your blog today. I have lived in Jacksonville, Fl for almost 10 years now. I have not found a place that feels like home yet. Hopefully with the help of your blog my next apartment will be the one. It’s actually off of Southside Blvd., right in the middle of all the great places to shop.
    I hope your move goes smoothly.

    1. Hi Rachael! So glad you stopped by my blog! We’re excited to be in FL – my daughter and I arrive on Saturday (my husband is already there). I can’t wait to get started on our new home there! Be sure to subscribe so we can keep in touch!

  9. We were recently stationed in Florida (not Jacksonville) and it was amazing. You’ll find kind people, great (sometimes wet) weather and lots of fun activities nearby. I hope you enjoy it and the move is a breeze.

    1. Hi Sam! Thanks! We’ve been here about week and it’s been great so far. I was a bit surprised at the humidity (I don’t know whyyyy???) but I’m starting to get used to it. The creatures though, I’m not sure I’ll get used to them 😉

  10. Riverside is awesome and you can catch up on the fun farmers markets and festivals. Always a fun time!

    1. Hi Alejandra! Thanks for the info – we strolled around Riverside yesterday. Great area – hope to catch the street fair next weekend!

  11. Hey!
    My husband and I just moved to florida a few weeks ago, he’s stationed at Mayport on the new LCS’s that are gonna be there! I love your blog and everything you talk about is so relatable for me! We were in a tiny 1BR apartment back home for six months and I loved decorating it cause it was a victorian original hardwood floors paradise! Now we live in a big 3BR house and I’m dragging my feet cause it’s just so basic and dated. Thanks for giving me lots of inspiration to get my home in order! I think you’ll love FL!

    1. Hi Emily! I’m so glad you found my blog and that it’s been helpful to you! That’s one thing about this military life – we can go from tiny to big and from beautiful to blah in one PCS! ha. We’ve arrived in FL – resorting, ehmm, staying at the Lodge until our base house is ready. It’s been such a change to go from Southern California to Jacksonville but we are enjoying it so far. My daughter is still super confused that her daddy isn’t on a ship anymore (hi shore duty) but she loves all of the creatures we’ve been finding (or that have been finding us). Keep in touch!!

      1. Ugh the creatures! The only ones I like are the lizards, my husband and dog have been catching them lol. But yes so true!! It’s starting to come together after a big trip to Ikea 😉 At least the beach on base is nice so hopefully you’re enjoying that while staying at the lodge. We had to stay in a hotel for the first ten days before finding a house to rent. We live off Girvin and are seriously loving this part of town!! Just incase you need some ideas 🙂

        Shore duty is always fun, enjoy!! <3

        1. We’re at NAS so no beach over here. We did venture over that way and visited the beach – it’s lovely and made me so happy! I was really missing my San Diego beach days! I don’t mind the lizards either – there are just so many of them!! 🙂