The State of our Move

Hi friends! I dropped the bomb, or the softball really since we knew it was coming, a few weeks ago and then went radio silent about it. Don’t take that to mean that we haven’t been behind the scenes movin’ and groovin’ to get all our ducks in a row. In case you’re wondering, here’s a quick update on the state of our move!

To refresh, Matt has been in school for the last two years learning all the things and will begin a new job in the Navy once we move. We’re being stationed in Twentynine Palms, California and we’re looking forward to the adventure! We’ve received official orders so we’ll be making the cross country move in July.

The house:
We’re putting our home on the market at the end of the month and boy do I feel sad about it. The house is just a house but we’ve had so many great memories in this one. We’ve made it our own and we have very strong bonds with all of our neighbors.

We began the purge that I always like to do before a big move. I go through the entire house room by room and try to get rid of the extras. One thing about moving every three years, your furniture doesn’t always translate from house to house. I know for sure we’ll be moving into a three bedroom home as opposed to our current four-bedroom home so we’re trying to downsize as much as we can on this end to avoid feeling cluttered on the other end. Not only that, we wanted to declutter and de-personalize our home as much as possible for upcoming showings.

The girls:
I really enjoy seeing big events through the lens of my children. While I sobbed for hours at the news of moving, my girls have approached the entire thing with a sense of adventure and excitement. That really eased my mind. Our goal for them is to keep them as connected as possible to their normal life throughout the preparation of the move so that they can just enjoy the time they have left here. We visit our neighbors daily. Make arrangements with friends. We have swim lessons and summer camps on the schedule. They’ll be busy up to our final day here and that’s exactly what we want. Millie’s class has invited her to be a pen pal for the next school year. Peighton and her bestie are going to the same summer camp and we’re already talking about planning a meet up after we move. It’s going to be okay.

linen pottery barn sofa with blue pillows

As for me:
I’ve really struggled with the eventuality of this move. Jacksonville feels like home more than any other place I’ve lived but I’m still excited about the future. We’ll be closer to our family which is wonderful. I have a brand new business that will keep me busy, no doubt. And I, of course, am welcoming the new challenge of decorating a rental to make it feel like home.

For now, we’re trying to get through the school year in one piece. Mamas you know what I’m talking about. Those end of the year events start piling up! Summer is coming!

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