Girl’s Room Gallery Wall

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I have such a love hate relationship with gallery walls. I love the way they look, I hate curating them. That’s probably against the home decor blogger code of ethics but whatever, it’s true. The gallery wall in Peighton’s room has been on my to do list for about as many months as her big girl room (which you can see here) has been finished. I started saving pieces even before that. The final piece (the adorable stuffed deer) came in the mail last week (thanks hm.com)

Girls Room Gallery Wall via Making Home Base

This gallery wall literally went up in five minutes. Peighton came in with her little wooden hammer. Once she discovered I was putting holes in the wall in her room she wanted to get it on that. Needless to say, there was no time for planning and mapping. I basically laid the pieces out on the bed and tried to arrange them in a way it looked most appealing and ta-da.

girls room gallery wall

I love these prints, they have a whimsical look and I think they really represent my daughter’s personality, especially the “RROAR” 🙂

gallery wall

The beautiful painting, by Tauni Fessler, was a gift from my mom. It’s a show stopper for sure. My other favorite piece is the handmade dream catcher that I snagged from a craft fair.

little girls room gallery wall

This quick gallery wall definitely completes the space, I think. It’s so funny, I’ve been collecting things for this wall for over a year but it only took about 5 minutes to hang up. Mission complete. Happy day!

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  1. The artwork is from Taunifesslerart.com She has some great pieces, perfect for children’s rooms. Reasonable prices and she ships! Check out her stuff!

  2. That stuffed animal head is the best! I’m not such a huge fan of curating gallery walls either but I adore the look of them, you’re not alone ; ]

  3. Oh Chelsea, what a beautiful little gallery! The deer head is precious, and I love the hot air balloons. Such sweet word art as well.

  4. I LOVE this!! I think the hot air balloons are absolutely to die for and I love the colors. I can’t wait to do something like this at my house. :o) Thanks for sharing.