The Plan for the Girls’ Shared Room

I have so much fun designing and decorating for the girls. I love the shared room they had in our last home and when we moved to 29 we promised them bunk beds for their new room. I was happy to oblige because their new room is much smaller and bunkbeds surely save space. As we started picking things out for their room their little personalities really started to shine and it made me even more excited about this space.

We’re calling it the pink and blue room because it’s sure to be a colorful space that combines both of their favorite colors. Peighton loves blue while Millie is convinced that pink is the best color created. With that in mind, we started making a plan.

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First, I knew off the bat that we’d do some sort of wall treatment in this space to break up all the white. I considered painting but I do love how bright the room is with the white(ish) walls. I found these wall decals that I plan on putting on the wall behind the bed as a focal point for the room. They are really playful and come in a bunch of colors. We’re doing teal which will make Peighton super happy.

The rug. The rug was one of the first things we bought for the room – it checked both the pink and blue boxes with its vibrant colors. I prefer to keep the bedding a bit lighter/neutral so this rug brings in the colorful brightness we want in one big step.

The bunks will get some fresh sheets and be topped with these pink quilts. It’s tough to find good bedding for kid spaces. I hunted for a while before settling on these. I like these because they are lightweight and we need that in the desert. This also allows for easier bed-making (bunkbeds are definitely a challenge to make). It also has to be mentioned that they are affordable which is a win for kid’s bedding.

I love the look of a woven pendant light in the bedroom. If I can find one that doesn’t have to be hardwired, I’d love to hang it in the corner of the room, over the bunks. For even more texture, I grabbed a few more of these woven baskets. I got one a couple of weeks ago when I shared some of my favorite baskets. It’s larger than I expected and that works perfectly here. I plan to keep two of these at the foot of the bed for stuffed animals and miscellaneous toys that aren’t kept in the playroom.

We already have this IKEA chest that works pretty well. I am on the hunt for a larger piece that we can hopefully refinish because we would like a bit more space. As it stands, the girls share this chest and it’s a bit snug even using the Marie Kondo folding method. 😉 If not, I still love the color and shape of this chest so I’d be happy to swap out the pulls and hang some art above. I’m most excited about this piece of art I found. It’s so vibrant and makes me so happy. That’s what art’s all about, isn’t it? It’s the perfect piece for the girls’ room because it’s as happy and cheerful as they are.

So that’s the current plan for the girls’ shared room. I’ll be sharing some progress along the way. The decals arrived last week so I’m hoping to get them up in the next couple of days and I’ll report back our initial thoughts. Please let me know in the comments if this is the kind of content you want to keep seeing on the blog! I love hearing from you.

Update: The girls’ space is done! Check out the girls shared room and tell me what you think!

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  1. Chelsea this is SO STINKING CUTE! I love woven light fixtures and it has done wonders for our base house in the living room. I can’t wait to see how this transforms their space!