Plans For Our Modern Coastal Bedroom

I have done virtually nothing to our bedroom since we’ve moved into our base house just over a year ago. With us moving so frequently, I try my hardest to make sure when I decorate a space it can translate fairly easily to a new home and I loved our old room so much. Unfortunately, since several pieces from our old room were damaged in the move we have fewer details and the space looks rather incomplete. I’m taking that as an opportunity to really dig in and create something new. Additionally, going from a home you own where you can paint and update, to a rental feels rather limiting and requires a bit more creativity and creativity isn’t something I’ve had a lot of lately. Does anyone else just feel completely drained? I sat down the other night and began digging for some bedroom items and started to feel a little pep in my proverbial step. I felt a little excited and ready to create! Hallelujah. Anyway, I’ve been sourcing some things and created a design board to pull together my ideas for this moody modern coastal space.

I love creating design boards or mood boards to gather all of the items I’m considering in one place. It’s the best opportunity to edit your design before purchasing and pulling the space together.

Plans for Our Moody Modern Coastal Bedroom

Overall, I think this look is a bit moodier than my typical style but lately, I’ve been really drawn to more contrast so I’m excited about this. Let’s discuss some of the details in this plan.

Nightstands | The first thing I bought for this space was this pair of nightstands. I grabbed them a few weeks ago when Studio McGee launched their latest collection at Target. Now that some reviews have rolled in, it looks like they are smaller than anticipated. Mine are still in the box so I’ll report back but I’m hoping since our bedroom is a small space that they won’t look too tiny.

Wallpaper | After throwing the wallpaper up in my dining room, I felt confident that I needed a similar accent wall in our bedroom. I absolutely despise the paint color in our home. It’s an off-white that looks okay when in full natural light but in our bedroom, with only one small window, the walls look dingy at times. I think an accent wall that creates some interest will really help. This time I’m doing a truly removable wallpaper. I love the taupe color although it comes in a variety of colors. I’ve done something similar in our old house and I can’t wait to get this up.

The Rug | I fell in love with this rug right away but was very hesitant to purchase it because it’s darker than what I usually go with and it feels moodier than my typical style but I pulled the trigger and purchased it (it’s 15% off right now) and I am really excited about it. I think it will provide the perfect contrast for this room. I always keep white bedding on our bed so having these darker tones underneath will be beautiful.

Artwork | I found all of these pieces on Artfullywalls.com I have purchased several pieces from them over the years and I just love the variety they are. I’m planning on mixing the color and textures of the frames for added visual interest. When selecting artwork I always pick the pieces that I feel like I can relate to in some way.

Above the Bed | I have wanted a juju hat for as long as I can remember, at least as long as I’ve been blogging and I finally purchased this one. I think it’s a great alternative to a mirror or a piece of art. Also, you guys really made me think twice about putting frames above the bed after the earthquake discussion. This is California, after all.

Pillows | I went for more texture than pattern on the pillows. The quilted euro shams are super affordable and come in various colors. I love the woven striped pillows with fringe and they look as though they’ll tie in nicely with the rug too!

So that’s the plan! I’ll be sharing the items as they roll in over on Instagram so be sure to be following along over there! I can’t wait to see it all come together!

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