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DIY Hanging Chalkboard

We’ve been doing a lot of little projects around our home to make it more us. Painting alone helped a lot; now it’s all about accessorizing. There was a blank space on the same wall as the media stand and I thought a custom chalkboard would be perfect for that space. Ever since doing our custom framed map, I’m sort of obsessed with making frames. This one is a little different because of the hanging element. The space I had to play with was a bit tall and narrow so instead of making a super long chalkboard, I made a semi long hanging chalkboard. Adding the chain gives a little more length to fill the space perfectly.

Remember last week when I used a chalkboard in my centerpiece, this is that chalkboard! Today, I’m sharing the tutorial for how it’s made.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if this is the proper way as we aren’t professionals just a couple of DIY wannabes who like to play with wood and stain 🙂

DIY Custom Hanging Chalkboard

DIY Hanging Chalkboard Materials Needed:

Wood boards (.375 x 1.5)

Project Plywood Panel (cut to fit frame)

Wood stain

Chalkboard Paint (spray paint is super easy and quick for this)


We purchased three 36 in long .375 x 1.5 in boards and cut four pieces (2 pieces at 35 in. and 2 pieces at 13.5 in.) with 45 degree angle.

DIY Chalkboard Tutorial

Using stainable wood glue attach the corners of one long piece to one short piece. Do both sides so you’ll have two L shape pieces. Use clamps to hold the pieces together while they dry. I allowed them to dry overnight. Once they are dry remove the clamps and glue together the other two corners (so now you’ll have a complete frame). Again, use clamps to hold it while the glue dries.

Hanging ChalkboardWhile your frame is drying you can get your chalkboard ready. I used a large piece of project plywood. I had Home Depot cut the board down for me so that it was slightly smaller than my frame. They cut it to 33 x 11.5. I lightly sanded the board, and wiped it down to remove any remaining dust. Then, I sprayed it with chalkboard paint. I sprayed three coats allowing it to dry completely between coats.

chalkboard tutorial After your frame is dry and the pieces are all attached you can add some stapes to the edges if you’d like but it should be secure enough with the wood glue. Next, stain your frame with your stain of choice. I love this stain, it’s Mixwax dark walnut.Hanging Chalkboard TutorialTo attach the chalkboard to the frame I used some heavy duty staples and my staple gun and ran staples all around the edges every few inches.

Hanging Chalkboard Tutorial DIYFor the hanging portion: I bought a chain from the hardware store. (Sorry I don’t have a photo) It was bluehawk brand and came with about 50 feet or so of chain. I snipped off about a foot and a half to use for this project. To attach the chain I used a couple of cup hook screws. I first spray painted them black so they would match the black chain I used. I screwed into the top of the frame and hung the chain from them.

Hanging Chalkboard DIY Tutorial And that’s it. I think I’m going to have so much fun on different holidays with this chalkboard. For now it has a bunch of numbers that are special to our family (our wedding date and our daughter’s birthday) but I love that it looks like it could be anything from a passcode to a scoreboard.

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  1. Chelsea, I love your tutorial. I’m such a visual kind of person and has to see the step by step action to actually get the motivation to do this…and I love this chalkboard. Very creative!

  2. Great chalkboard! And i love the meanings of the numbers posted. I know there will be lots of creativity happening around that board:)

  3. Amazing idea/tutorial! I love the rustic look of the wood and the chain gives it a great industrial touch (my two favorite styles). I am in the process of decorating my own office and this is definitely top on my list of things to do! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Loving this! Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration! Happy Wednesday! Sure hope you will stop by my place as well! XO Kennesha from Restoration House Interiors

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  8. Cute!!! Now I want to make one! What a great versatile piece! Thanks so much for the tutorial, Chelsea! Hope your week was wonderful!

    ~Abby =)

  9. LOVE this Chelsea! Great tutorial. It is perfect for that space and I just love a great chalkboard project and this one is super! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday. 😉 Bonnie

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