Living Room Progress – Gallery Wall Around The TV

Thanks so much to Minted.com for sponsoring this post. All ideas and opinions of their high quality wall art are 100% mine.

We’ve moved on from major renovations in the Florida house to more decorating and I’m so happy. Our living room is the gathering place in our home. It’s the family room, living room, everything room and I love it. It’s spacious, yet cozy and it’s where we end up at the end of every night spending time together as a family. Since I decided to go really neutral on the walls I wanted to bring color into the space in other ways. Its no secret that I love colors that remind me of the coast, blues and greens all the way.

Living Room-7

Plotting the decor in this room all started with this print, called Distant Island Pier. I hopped on Minted and began browsing. I love that you can narrow your search easily and I was able to narrow my search down to a square oriented abstract. There was still a great selection but I saw this one and immediately knew it was perfect for my space. I love it’s coastal and calm vibe. That is something I wanted this space to reflect.Build A Gallery Wall around the TV

Living Room

The gallery wall was step two when it came to wall decor for this space. This wall was begging for a gallery wall. Once we mounted the TV (right in the center of a big ol’ wall in our living room.) it was begging for friends to be surrounded by.

Living RoomI’ve always loved the look of a gallery wall around the TV. It sort of camouflages the big black box (as much as you can camouflage a huge TV) and draw the eye to the beautiful prints and photos.

Living Room-13

Gallery walls can be daunting. You always want to be thinking about scale. Building a gallery wall around a large TV required large pieces of art. The smallest frame here is 8×10 and you can see how small it is compared to the others.

I ordered multiple pieces of art for the gallery wall on Minted.com including the watercolor abstract and the two photography prints to the right of the diamond wall art. The photography prints each remind me of somewhere we’ve lived. The Beachside print reminds of our time in Hawaii and the black and white DC print reminds me of our time in Washington DC.

Living Room-3

Once the Minted prints arrived I filled in the gaps with other pieces I already had. The diamond piece in the center used to be in Peighton’s room, and the canvas is a huge 24×24 piece that I got from Lindsay Letters before the holidays. I also added a few family photos. I love including family pictures because it gives a more personal touch, plus they are great to change out for a fresh look every now and then.

I’m really pleased with the state of the living room at this point especially this gallery wall. Moving forward with the decorating of this room I plan on getting a nice comfy chair or love seat and the moving the two rattan chairs over to the fireplace for a little sitting area. Anyone have a comfy chair they love?


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  1. I’ve always struggled with what to do with our TV … what a brilliant way to decorate WITH it instead of just pretending it’s not there! And that art is absolutely stunning!

    1. Thanks so much Kristi! It was either that or hide it somehow and I think hiding it would have taken a lot more work! Happy Friday! xo

    1. Thanks Alexis! I was thinking about you just the other day. My mom shared a beanie that she wanted to make for Millie and of course it was one of your spectacular crochet patterns! 🙂

  2. Love this! I have been working on putting together a gallery wall around our tv – love all the inspiration! I feel like I have changed it a million times trying to get it the way I want it, haha! I love the framed hymn, so so pretty!

    1. Figuring out the placement is such a chore! I kept mine pretty simple because I don’t have the patience for it haha!

  3. This looks so great. Our gallery wall around our tv is one of my favorite things to look at! –and we just lived in Hawaii for a bit this past year.. Now if I would ever print some pictures..

  4. I seriously can’t even pick my favorite thing your room. It has turned out SO beautiful!! I think we are decorating soulmates. You did an amazing job with your gallery wall and I love all the art you picked! Also, if your quatrefoil wood sculpture goes missing, I promise it wasn’t me…. 😉

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