Spring Bedding Switch + My Secret Resource for Bedding

I’ve been on the hunt for a navy blue quilt for our master bedroom since we updated it last fall. Y’all, finding the perfect quilt isn’t easy and it wasn’t until a reader asked me a question about another item in my home that it dawned on me, she said, “I checked eBay and found one there.” That really peaked my interested and not even two minutes later, I was on eBay search for bedding and I found the quilt of my dreams. Now, it’s become my secret resource for bedding.

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A Great Resource for Bedding

Feast your eyes on my dream quilt. I wanted a lightweight blanket for the end of the bed that could also be used as a primary blanket in the warmer months.

This coverlet is everything I could have wanted. It’s super light, quilted, and the perfect shade of blue. I’m partial to the navy but it comes in two other colors as well! The blue color of the quilt reminds me of a washed linen which makes it feel more casual and comfy. The coverlet also came with two standard shams that are just as soft and comfy.

I also ordered a knit throw blanket and pillow cover in a warm ivory color. I love the contrast between them and the cool blue of the coverlet set.

The girls are loving snuggling up in here after school for a movie and rest time, and I can’t blame them because it’s pretty cozy.

When I headed over to eBay, I discovered that there were tons new items with the “Buy It Now” options so I didn’t have to fuss with bidding. In fact, 81% of all items sold on eBay are new and available with the “Buy It Now” option, so no bidding necessary! Not only are there tons of options on eBay, many of them ship free and can be at your doorstep in three days. Plus, they offer a Money Back Guarantee.

eBay should definitely be in your regular list of retailers to check out no matter what you’re looking for. Before you buy something ask yourself “Did you check eBay?”

Spring is the best time to refresh your bedding.

Here are some more great bedding options from eBay that I love:

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  1. I bought my bedding off eBay as well! My hometown used to have a discount store that received closeouts from Bloomingdales, Target, and surprise high-end retailers (you never knew what they’d have when you went in there!) One day I saw a man with his cart LOADED with stuff. Certainly he couldn’t be buying that all for himself! I realized he was reselling it and a friend told me that people were making profits selling discount merchandise on eBay from discount stores. Since then, I have used eBay for bedding, my clothing, and my children’s clothing. My hubby gets his clothing from there too! It’s really my greatest secret too ☺️ I’m glad you are on to it as well!

    1. Amazing! You could have seen the light bulb go off in my mind when this reader mentioned eBay! I’m now looking for all things on eBay first. Such a great resource!

  2. Very nice bedding. I agree with your children. It looks like the perfect place for a rest. Just as it should. I have bought several things on ebay when I couldn’t find them elsewhere. Thank you for sharing your wonderful find.

  3. Hi Chelsea,
    I love your sense of style! Cozy, functional, & fun. My beau & I moved into a handy man special, he’s handy and he’s the man! We knocked out a wall between 2 bedrooms and are making it into a master suite. I’ve got a new closet that might be big enough : ) for me. It is slow going between us working and do it yourselfing. I’m thinking of decorating the bedroom in peaches and cream with rose color gold or something like that. The room now has 4 windows, the one in front is big not in height but in width. Any suggestions as to window treatments?

  4. Ok can we talk about your girls. Adorable! So precious, thanks for sharing!! I remember now I bought my Ralph Lauren bedding set 12 years ago on eBay. It’s time for a change now so thanks for the reminder.

    1. Hi Margie, thank you so much! They are sweet girls for sure! You’re already in on the eBay trick! I love it!

  5. I know this is an older post but could you tell me the brand name of your blue quilt/coverlet? The link takes me to eBay but the quilt that shows is different than the one you have (the quilted pattern isn’t the same). Thanks!