Shared Girls Room Ideas

Ever since I found out Millie was a girl, I’ve dreamed of creating a shared girls room for my girls. I just picture lots of girly giggling and sister snuggling going on in a shared bedroom. My girls are a little over three years a part so it seems like the perfect age gap to have them share a room and I know they would both love it. Currently, Millie and Peighton have their own rooms but in the near future I’d love to move them into a shared room and use the other as a playroom. I say near future because Millie has recently discovered her ability to climb out of the crib so it’s time to transition her to a regular bed (I prefer to skip right over the toddler bed). So it would make sense to move them to the same room when I transition but I’m wondering if she’s too young to move into a shared room at 20 months.

If you’ve done a shared room I’d love to hear your thoughts on when you moved your kiddos together and how it went! 

Recently, I’ve been looking for some shared bedroom ideas on Pinterest so I thought I would show you what looks I’m loving.

Shared Girls Room Ideas

I mentioned a few posts back about how I repainted my living room white and how it completely brightened up the space, I plan on doing the same thing in the girls’ room. White paint on the walls just opens a room right up. I love this beautiful shared girls room from Amber Interiors. The white walls combined with the white bedding make the space look so light and airy and the Jenny Lind beds are my favorite!

Shared Girls Room Ideas

Another pretty space from House of Jade Interiors.
Shared Girls Room Ideas

Bunk beds – what do you think of them? I love the idea of bunk beds because they are spacesavers and can look really cute in a space like these next two spaces are DREAMY. I love the bright white contrasted with the punchy pink rug on this one via The Glitter Guide

I hesitate on bunk beds because Millie loves to climb – maybe a better option for when they are a bit older?Shared Girls Room Ideas

This one checks all the boxes when it comes to my dream space. This built in coastal chic bedroom is one that I could live in. Via Bailey McCarthy

Shared Girls Room Ideas

This space designed by Joni from Lay Baby Lay is one of my favorites of all time. When I was going through my Kid Spaces Pinterest board I discovered that I had pinned it multiple times. I love the soft greens and the oversized print – it’s beautiful yet lived in and those are the spaces I always love the best.

So – what are your best tips for a shared kids space? If you have any ideas or tips for shared girls rooms (or boys) I’m all ears because this will be a brand new adventure for us!


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