The Best Fake Indoor Plants

After I don’t know how many years, I’ve finally got on board with the fake indoor plants and I’m not looking back. I still have a few real indoor plants sprinkled around but I’m slowing moving towards more fake plants to add greenery throughout the house. Looking around, I’m finding that there are so many amazing dupes for real plants! The fake plants on the market look as real and the real ones so why not go for the plants that will last forever and won’t be sad when you forget to water them or want to move them around from room to room. The best indoor plants - fake plants that look real!

The best fake indoor plants

Faux plants are great from small succulents on bedside tables to large fiddle leaf figs to add greenery to the corner of a room. You can see more on how I decorate with greenery here. Small potted plants round out any vignette while faux stems are great for filling large vases for centerpieces.

I rounded up some really gorgeous fake indoor plants from around the web.

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Faux Stems and Branches

Faux Potted Plants

Faux Trees


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    1. Hi Bev, at the end of the post there are three categories of faux plants with images, you can click on the images to be taken to the sources. Hope that helps.