Pensacola Beach Trip

A couple weeks ago, we headed to Pensacola Beach for a week of beach fun. Pensacola is about half way to where Matt’s twin brother’s family lives so it made the perfect meeting place for a family vacation.  We love the gulf side of Florida and have visited a few different spots and going back to Pensacola was a dream. We had the absolute best time hopping from the beach to the pool and back to the beach. We soaked up the sun, forgot what day it was, cooked the best meals, and just spent time together. When I’m 80, I will look back on this vacation as one of my best memories.

We rented a cute little condo that was just a short walk away from the beach. Each day we would eat breakfast and then head right down to the ocean.

The girls had the best time collection seashells and were so proud of every single find.

We played in the sand, got thrashed around by waves, blew bubbles for hours, ate loads of watermelon, and laughed until our bellies hurt. I think that makes a pretty spectacular vacation.

What is your favorite vacation getaway?

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  1. Oh these pictures make my heart so happy! They are beautiful and your girls are getting SO big! So glad you have such a wonderful family to enjoy vacations like this with.