12 of the Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

Gray blue paint colors are some of the most popular shades in home design. Blue grays can feel like neutrals but they can also feel like chic, bold paint colors in certain spaces. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 12 of the best blue gray paint colors that you can use in your home. We’ll study colors from light blue-gray to dark blue-gray. We’ll also explore the different ways these colors can be used, from main living spaces to bedrooms and bathrooms, even as accent colors. And if you’re interested in using blue gray paint colors on the exterior of your home, we’ve got you covered there too!

What Color is Blue Gray?

Facts about the color blue-gray

Before we discuss the recommended bluish gray paint colors, let’s dive into a few facts about the color blue gray.

Did you know that blue-gray has a name? 

According to Google Arts and Culture, Blue-gray or blue-grey is a medium bluish-gray color. Another name for this color is livid; this color name comes from the Latin color term lividus meaning “‘a dull leaden-blue color’, and also used to describe the color of contused flesh, leading to the English expression ‘black and blue'”. 

The first recorded use of livid as a color name for blue grey in English was in 1622.

Gray is replacing color. This feels like an odd concept but in a recent study it was discovered that there has been a decline in the use of color around the world. 

According to Fast Company, “It’s been noted that there has been a decline in color around the world. “The team concluded that over the past 200-plus years, browns and yellows—once dominant hues—have declined in favor of dark charcoal gray.”

This tracks as we’ve seen the rise in popularity among blues, grays, and other neutral tones.

Why are we seeing such a rise in the use of blue gray?

Well, there are likely many personal answers to this question but I think it’s fair to say that blue gray colors are calming and call to mind a sense of relaxation. They are also sophisticated colors that bring a note of elegance to a space. So, from coastal beach houses to traditional homes, you’ll see splashes of greyish blue color and the next time you do, take note of how the color makes you feel.

You may see the words calming, relaxing, and sophisticated and think boring. But vivid, or blue gray is anything but boring. It provides the perfect combination of neutrality and color. Depending on the shade of blue gray you choose, it can provide the perfect serene backdrop or give your space the splash of color that it needs. 

Let’s take a look at the best gray blue paint colors shall we?

Blue Gray Paint Colors

The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors - 12 gorgeous blue gray paint colors for your whole house

To be categorized as a blue gray paint color, the color typically falls into two buckets:

  1. Blue paint color with gray undertones
  2. Gray paint color with blue undertones

That’s easy enough to remember. For the purpose of today’s conversation, I don’t think it really matters whether the color is technically a gray or technically a blue. All of the colors here are blue gray in my book and they all serve up different depths and overall feels.

Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Paint Colors

In order from lightest to darkest, here are my favorite blue-gray paint colors from Sherwin Williams.

An important vocabulary word to remember, as we discuss each of these colors, is LRV or Light Reflective Value. LRV is a good tool to use to determine how light (100 being white) or dark (0 being black) a paint color is. The operative word here is light. Light Reflective Value means how much light is reflected. The lighter the color the more light can be reflected. Darker colors absorb light instead of reflecting it. Keep this tool in mind as we learn more about each of these gray blue paint colors.

Additionally, a quick word about undertones. Undertones are a perspective – you may determine the undertones to be slightly different than what I share here or what you hear from anyone else. It’s always best to grab paint samples and try them in the space you plan to paint to get the best idea of what the color is going to look like in your home. If you have several spaces you’d like to try out a paint color, you can paint the colors on large foam boards and take them from room to room and study the colors that way.

Sherwin Williams North Star

Sherwin Williams North Star blue gray SW 6246

First up is a Sherwin Williams blue gray by the name of North Star. North Star is lovely shade of blue gray. It leans slightly more blue than gray so I’d say it’s a blue paint color with pale gray undertones. I like this color because there are no green undertones making it one of the solid shades of blue gray. It’s the lightest shade from the Sherwin Williams list with an LRV of 62. SW North Star is a fresh light blue but the gray undertones keep it out the baby blue category.

It’s subtle and soft and looks wonderful in a variety of spaces. It won’t wash out in a space with an abundance of natural light but it also brings significant depth to dimly light spaces as well. I love North Star as a blue gray bedroom paint color. I also love this color for cabinetry and bathrooms and exteriors.

North Star is a gorgeous subtle blue exterior paint color that looks incredible on beach houses.

Sherwin Williams Morning Fog

Sherwin Williams Morning Fog color swatch SW 6255 gray blue color

Morning Fog brings a different vibe to the blue gray paint party. This paint color can be described as a medium gray with blue undertones. Those blue undertones give it its place on this lineup of beautiful blue gray paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Morning Fog entryway bluish gray paint color
via Whitten Architects photo by Rob Karosis

Its medium tone and blue undertones give Morning Fog a hazy gray look that is perfect for bedrooms, entryways, and even dining rooms and living spaces. The LRV of 42 is what puts it in the solid medium gray category. Many shy away from medium blue gray paint colors like Morning Fog over concerns that it appears too dreary. I disagree. I think Morning Fog has the perfect amount of color and provides a really beautiful contrast to light flooring, wood tones, and white trim. 

Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud

Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud SW 6249 gray blue

I consider Storm Cloud to be a blue-gray paint color with blue undertones but I think in some instances Storm Cloud can be considered more of a gray with blue undertones. It has an LRV of 23. It is lower on the LRV scale because it’s dark. Storm Cloud does really well in spaces with ample natural light (not north facing) and in absence of natural light the space will appear more moody and intimate.

Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud gray blue kitchen cabinets
via Wheatland

This color is dark, it’s moody, and it’s a vibe. Before you run out and buy a gallon of this paint you should know, this color can be tricky in some spaces. One should be careful because in certain light the undertones can appear purple (periwinkle). If you have an east-facing window you might want to consider a blue paint color that has more green undertones to achieve the color you are going for. All that being said, this color is a winner when done right. Try painting Storm Cloud on your walls and you’ll understand what it means when people say “paint is powerful.” It’s a color with plenty of depth that can feel bold at first, but it will definitely have people talking.

Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue

Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue SW 7604

We’re getting into the dark blue gray colors and I included several of them because dark, moody colors are trending. I’m not one to hop on trends but there’s a reason these dark blue grays are becoming increasingly popular. They do so well in a variety of spaces! Whether you’re looking for a blue gray accent wall or you’re looking for a dark gray paint for a bedroom, you’re on trend and you’re in the right place.

Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue is a soft but deep gray blue color. It’s not strikingly blue but it’s also not all the way gray so it’s straddling the two and we’ll call it blue gray. I like this color because it really works with so many different design styles from coastal to farmhouse to transitional.

Sherwin Williams Gibraltar

Sherwin Williams Gibraltar SW 6257

Sherwin Williams Gibraltar is a dark gray blue paint color that is can feel more blue than gray at times. Gibraltar has an LRV of 14, a gorgeously dark gray blue paint color. This color is a gray with blue undertones. In rooms with a lot of natural light or as an exterior paint color, those blue undertones really come through and the paint color looks more blue than gray.

In spaces with less natural light, Gibraltar feels like a moody dark gray paint color. This grayish blue color is a great dark blue exterior paint color. It also works really well in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor

Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor SW 6236

If you are looking for a gorgeous transformational dark blue gray paint color then you should take a look at Grays Harbor. Grays Harbor has an LRV of 12 making it the darkest blue gray color on our list. Like with all of these colors, light plays a big role in how this color will look in your space.

Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor blue gray exterior paint color
via Alair Homes Decatur photo by Jeff Herr

For example, in north-facing rooms this color will appear grayer whereas in south and west-facing rooms the color may look bluer. This is a popular paint color for exteriors so we should discuss how Grays Harbor appears on the exterior of homes. It is a great dark blue gray paint color that appears bluer than gray on exteriors. It works well with red brick and white or black trim. No matter the style of your exterior, Grays Harbor is a great option for a dark blue paint color. 

Benjamin Moore Blue Gray Paint Colors

In order from lightest to darkest, here are six beautiful Benjamin Moore Gray Blue Colors

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper color swatch

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper is a soft blue-gray paint color that has a touch of green in it. Glass Slipper has an LRV of 71 which is very light on the scale of Light Reflective Values.

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper blue gray paint color
via Mackle Construction

I’m not exactly confident that you can call this color a true gray blue (you be the judge) but there is a slight hint of gray here and in spaces with more ambient lighting it feels a touch more neutral. If you are looking for a soft blue but not baby blue – this is a great one to sample. Be aware, Glass Sipper can be one of the chameleon colors, looking bluer than green in some spaces and more green than blue in others. 

Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke

Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke

Benjamin Moore describes Pale Smoke like this, “Blue meets gray to create this smoky, light and cool neutral.” Pale Smoke has an LRV of 64.45, it’s a light to medium blue gray color. It’s a subtle paint color that I love for bedrooms, bathrooms, and entryways.

Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke gray blue paint color
via ReThink Design Studio

This color is like a pastel blue with a drop of gray making it the perfect soft, hazy blue that looks fantastic in many different lighting situations. Pale Smoke painted on this small bedroom is elegant and chic. It’s not at all dreary which can be a concern for some when selecting a blue gray paint color.

Benjamin Moore Silver Lake

Benjamin Moore Silver Lake gray blue color

Benjamin Moore Silver Lake has about the same depth as Pale Smoke but the profile is completely different. If Pale Smoke is a blue gray color than Silver Lake is for sure, a gray blue. It’s gray forward with some blue undertones but it does not feel as cool as you would expect. It’s a wonderful neutral option. It has an LRV of 55.59 which is a pretty solid mid-tone color.

Benjamin Moore blue gray paint color Silver Lake
via Martha O’Hara Interiors photo by Troy Thies

It’s got significant depth but is not dark. It is a very balanced color that gives you a feel of neutral but still makes a statement. I like this color as a living room gray blue. I also appreciate this paint color in bedrooms, bathrooms, and on cabinetry.

Benjamin Moore Mount Saint Anne

Benjamin Moore Mount Saint Anne

This is a very underappreciated spa-like blue gray paint color. Benjamin Moore describes Mount Saint Anne as a color with, “blue undertones [that] bring refinement to this medium gray.” Benjamin Moore Mount Saint Anne is a refreshing mix of blue, green, and gray.

Benjamin Moore Mount Saint Anne blue gray
via Melissa Hill Home Design

It’s a gray with blue undertones but in the undertones the blue brushes with green. It is a medium tone paint color with an LRV of 42.28. It goes really well with crisp whites, browns, and beiges. I love this color in almost any space. It also is a wonderfully interesting color for cabinetry and front doors.

Benjamin Moore Cloudy Sky

Benjamin Moore Cloudy Sky

Benjamin Moore Cloudy Sky is a moody, steely, dark blue gray that looks best in low light but still manages to look quite lovely in spaces with a lot of natural light. I used Cloudy Sky in my bedroom. It has a lot of natural light which makes the color appear more of a medium blue than a true dark blue gray.

Benjamin Moore Cloudy Sky blue gray paint color
via Potter Construction

There is a touch of green to the color but it’s not noticeable on the walls. It just offers lightly more depth to the gray blue color. The LRV of this color is 32.34. It’s a dark blue gray and it’s a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, and cabinets.

Benjamin Moore Hearthstone

Benjamin Moore Hearthstone blue gray paint color

The last paint color slot on our list of favorite blue gray paint colors goes to Benjamin Moore Hearthstone. I’m sad I didn’t discover this color sooner because as soon as I saw it I fell in love. It’s the perfect color for anyone who wants to add a bold splash of color that still somehow feels a little neutral. Hearthstone is a dark gray with blue undertones.

Benjamin Moore Hearthstone kitchen cabinetry - blue gray paint colors
via Clearcut and Co

It’s a bit of a color changer because in rooms with less light it looks more gray. In spaces with more natural light it appears to be blue forward with gray undertones. I prefer it in spaces with natural light. I love the blue forward version of this paint color. The LRV is 26.24, a deep blue gray color.

Wrapping Up Blue Gray Paint Colors

In conclusion, blue grey paint colors are the perfect way to add a touch of blue to your home while remaining neutral. These blue gray colors are versatile and can be used in any room from living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms and even on cabinets within your home. With 12 solid blue gray paint colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your next project! Love a blue gray color that’s not on the list? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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