Sloped Backyard Ideas and Designs

Backyards with slopes don’t have to remain empty and useless. There are endless possibilities when it comes to sloped backyard ideas – and rather than a challenge a steep sloped backyard can open up lots of design and planting possibilities to create unique spaces that your friends and family will surely enjoy.

With a little creativity, strategic planning and the right backyard ideas, a steep sloped backyard can have a lot to offer. 

You can create a sloped backyard deck, an amazing vegetable garden on a slope or make it kid friendly and add a slide or play house. Whether your backyard is down sloped or up sloped. Take a look at the sloped backyard ideas I have here. I am sure you will find a steep sloped backyard design you will love.

Sloped Backyard Deck

If you have a sloped backyard whether its a small slope or a large sloped backyard it can still be a perfect backyard for entertaining, consider building a deck. With stairs and gardens built into the design of the deck, you can create a distinct area seating area to enjoy your outdoor space. Sloping decks are also great because they allow you to use your yard as one large space, rather than trying to separate it out on different levels with walls or fences. 

This deck makes perfect use of the space available. If the deck was not there this space would be completely unusable. This deck has amazing views and would be a great place to watch the kids play down below. I would add a nice charcoal or propane grill onto the deck as well to make this an ideal place to entertain friends and family. Adding an elevated deck and landscaping to you sloped backyard is an excellent choice for your yard.

Sloped Backyard Ideas for Kids


If you want to make the most out of your sloped backyard, why not consider building a playhouse? Sloped backyard ideas for kids can be a fun DIY project as well. By adding a playhouse with stairs and landscaping, children will have the perfect spot to play and overlook the gardens and landscaping below. Sloped playgrounds are also ideal because they allow use of otherwise useless space and allow for plenty of space for different activities. Whether it’s more traditional sports like hide and seek, ball games, or climbing and jumping your child’s imagination is sure to get carried away with this sloped backyard idea for kids.

Sloped Backyard Slide for Kids

If you want to add something to your sloped backyard but don’t want to add a whole playhouse  adding a fun slide with a traditional playground may be your best bet. This slide looks super fun and will certainly wear your kids out from climbing that ladder all day.

Stone Steps

Adding a stone step walkway to your steeply sloped backyard is a great way to landscape your sloped backyard and its relatively low maintenance. Whether the steps are functional and lead to a deck or a playhouse or are purely decorative and a way to add style.  Stone steps are a great feature to add to any down sloped backyard.

Vegetable Garden

This might just be my favorite hillside landscaping idea. Not only do you get to utilize unused backyard space but you also get to enjoy fresh vegetables as well. This would make a great DIY project. These raised garden beds can grow herbs, tomatoes, bell peppers or anything else that grows great in your region. A vegetable garden would be great on an upward or downward sloped backyard. The garden ideas are virtually limitless. Why not grab your shovel and get started on your raised vegetable garden in your sloped backyard today.

If you are interested in other low maintenance and small space gardening ideas check out my 5 gallon bucket gardening post.

Rock Garden

This rock garden is stunning. I love the various stones used to create this unique and stylish look.  This hillside landscaping could be done as a DIY. Simply head to your nearest home improvement store or nursery and get the rocks delivered. You may need some assistance from a crane if you choose to use larger rocks but this look could absolutely be done without larger rocks. This low-maintenance sloped yard idea could easily be used in a front or back yard.

Adding Grass

Adding grass to a small sloped or large sloped backyard is a budget friendly way to add greenery to your sloped backyard landscaping. One downside to having grass on a slope is having to mow grass on a hillside. I would recommend using either a non powered push reel mower to be safe and walk across the hill vertically so you aren’t either pushing the mower up or down a hillside.

Adding Artificial Grass

If you have a sloped backyard and don’t want to worry about mowing or maintaining artificial grass is a great solution. Artificial grass is also perfect for anyone who loves being outside but doesn’t want to be bothered with the potential hazards that come along with having real grass on a slope. Installing artificial grass on a slope does have different requirements so seek professional help if you are unsure on how to install artificial grass on a slope. Having artificial grass on a slope in your backyard is a great way to landscape on a budget and one that requires little maintenance after installation. Some additional perks of having artificial grass on a slope in your backyard include limiting soil erosion and weeds. Artificial grass also makes for a great low water option.

Sloped Backyard Waterfall

A waterfall is one of the most beautiful sloped backyard ideas and a luxurious addition to any backyard. Sloping waterfalls can add tranquility, ambiance, and beauty to your yard and provide a delightful outdoor centerpiece. What could be more perfect than sitting on your backyard deck listening to your very own sloped backyard waterfall and pond. Adding some great landscaping near your sloped waterfall will make this an even more tranquil place to spend your time.

Retaining Walls

I could go on and on about all the retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard but I limited myself to just 5 that I absolutely love. While these sloped retaining wall ideas are geared towards backyards there is no reason you couldn’t use this post as inspiration for your front yard as well.  

retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard with landscaping and walkway
Via Matpel Builders

While this sloped garden may look fancy this sloping backyard design or something very similar could be done as a DIY project. You may have to get a concrete contractor to help with the concrete steps though. I love the simple yet modern and low maintenance landscaping.  This sloped yard idea would be great for someone whose yard is not very steep and on the smaller side.

retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard with low maintenance landscaping
Via Nancy Eastman

I absolutely love this budget friendly desert landscaping used in conjunction with this sloping retaining wall idea. This sloped backyard idea is simple yet beautiful. The low maintenance landscaping is perfect for those who don’t want to do a lot of yard work but want to be able to enjoy the outdoors in their very own backyard. This design could be done on a steep slope or gentle incline with the addition of fill dirt. Here they have used wood chips as groundcover in the different areas, but you could also easily use gravel or some other topsoil. The sloped walkway on the far left leads to an amazing shaded area that looks perfect for nature walks.

retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard shaded area and seating area with walkway
Via Simmonds Associates

This retaining wall idea for a sloped backyard is perfect for someone who wants their sloped backyard retaining wall to blend in with nature. I adore the rock retaining wall and the way it blends in so nicely with the rest of the surroundings.  I could see myself reading a book and enjoying my coffee under the trees on this hillside landscaping.

retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard traditional pavers
Via D2 Landscaping

This backyard had a downward slope and uses traditional pavers to create a retaining wall that allowed this homeowner full use of their sloped backyard.

This sloped backyard solution is ideal if you have a small and very steep backyard.  The homeowners went with easy to maintain (and safe) flat grass landscaping. I love the tiers and the modern and natural look of the wood facade of the retaining wall. The addition of boulders on the lawns as a landscaping center piece is another great way to add visual interest to your sloped backyard design. I would find a place to add a nice fire pit near this dining area so you and your guests can relax during those cozy winter nights.

In conclusion , there are many different ways to make the most of your sloped backyard, from using artificial grass, adding a gorgeous waterfall feature or including a beautiful retaining wall.

Whether you want a simple and low-maintenance garden design or a more elaborate terraced garden, there are endless possibilities for creating an amazing outdoor space, even in your sloped backyard. So if you are ready to unlock the potential of your sloped backyard, consider these backyard garden ideas and start planning today!

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