Summer Decorating Ideas

I feel like my home is usually in a perpetual state of summer and I love it. I also think that gives me a little authority in giving summer decorating ideas to you. To me, summer decorating is all about a relaxed feel to your home. I also love to add some light and neutral colors for summer. Adding little details to your space that make your space feel light and airy is great for summer decorating. Let’s look at some fun decor ideas for summer!

Summer Decorating Ideas

Mix Up Your Throw Pillows

beautiful summer decor ideas

I’m a big fan of changing up your throw pillows seasonally. As long as you invest in high quality down feathered pillow inserts you can get affordable pillow covers and change them out as regularly as you wish. I love adding blue and white pillow covers to my sofa in the summertime. It’s the perfect bright contrast for summer.

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Include Some Summery Artwork

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Artwork can feel like a commitment but when you invest only a little bit of money, you can swap it out whenever you’d like. There are many resources for cheap or free beachy-style artwork. I even share the above print here for free. You can use printing services or even your library may have a free printing service for large prints like the one above. Beach prints are my favorite for summer but anything that brings a summery feel to you will do.


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Greenery is always a good idea whether it’s summer decorating or any other time of the year. Adding palm fronds or any greenery to a vase will help bring beautiful brightness to your home and light and bright is always the look we’re going for in the summer.

Little Accessories Make a Difference

cheap and beautiful summer decorating ideas

Little accessories indeed make a big difference. I added a jar of found seashells and some driftwood to our mantel during the summer. The mantel feels summery and inviting, paired with the blue and white vase.

Details, Details, Details

easy and cheap summer decorating ideas

You can use what you have around the house to add some details to your space that elevate it for summer decorating. I added a throw pillow over our breakfast nook table as a tablecloth to bring the nautical feeling of blue and white stripes into this space. With a vase of fresh hydrangea stems, the space feels really bright and fresh.

Final Thoughts on Summer Decor

If you love summer as much as me then you might want to add some bits of summer to your home decor. You can easily add summer decorating throughout your home by adding small details like seashells, pillows, and blankets. You can also make more of a statement with summer-inspired artwork. Whether you want to add some small accessories or go all in on summer, just remember that summer is a feeling as much as it is a season. Giving your space some light and bright elements will bring a feeling of summer that you’ll be pleased with!

summer decorating ideas for your home

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  1. I love switching up my throw pillow cases! We just had our cabinets painted so my summer decor budget is a bit slim, but even just getting one new pillow case makes my living room feel like a whole new space. Thanks for the inspo!