Toy Storage Hacks: Space Saving Toy Organization Ideas

Just recently, we began moving the girls’ toys into another room to create a shared guest bedroom/play room space. Previously, we used an 8-cube organizer (love this one from Walmart), and several baskets around our house to store the girls’ toys. I’ve talked about toy organization without a playroom here and while that worked for us in our last house, this time around we needed some ideas to create some space saving toy organizers that would help the girls know exactly where to put their toys. Over the weekend, we tackled the toy clutter and got the toy organizers up and organized. Since our playroom is a shared space with our guest room –  I came up with a few creative ideas for organizing toys and tamping down the clutter.

Toy Storage Hacks - Space Saving Toy Organization

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Toy Organizers that Save Space



1. Storage System

First, we set up a row of 8 cube organizers to act as our toy organizers. Have the cubbies, it helps the girls to see where each toy goes. They are perfect for little ones because everything is at their level making toys easy to get out, and more importantly, put away. Having two of these cubbies created a wall-o-organization that is super helpful. These cubbies house the majority of the girls’ toys and allowed me to eliminate the baskets of toys around our living room.


2. Label Label Label

We used bins and baskets as toy organizers to corral specific things. My major complaint with the large baskets of toys we had in our living room was that during clean up, all toys were getting dumped in one or two baskets creating total chaos the next time she wanted to play My Little Pony and we couldn’t find Rainbow Dash. I bought four of these galvanized bins at a great price ($7.47), then labeled them with the specific categories like; MLP, cars, Trolls, play food.


3. Round Up Like Items

Additionally, we’ve been using drawers in our TV console to store craft supplies and things were getting misplaced. So I created a sort of art caddy for P [similar caddy here].


Another major challenge we had when we came to toy organization was how to organize her playsets. Peighton is really into Shopkins and they have multiple playsets like a kitchen or mini grocery store. The sizes are odd and each of them has multiple pieces. Tossing them into bins makes getting them out a challenge because you have to find the pieces for each playset, not to mention the pieces are tiny and easy to lose.


4. Get Creative – Multipurpose

I had a light bulb moment in Walmart the other day when I saw this under the bed shoe organizer. It’s the perfect toy organizer hack for these playsets and other toys! It has multiple compartments that are the perfect size for playsets, Barbies, and other figurines.


It has a clear zippered top so it’s easy to see through. The best part is that is slides nicely under the bed making it the best toy organizer – keeping toys off the floor and tucked away.


I feel so much lighter now that we have a better handle on the toy situation in our home! What’s your best toy organizer tool and how to do tackle toy clutter? I’d love to hear in the comments!

How to organize toys - playroom hacks with toy organizers

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  2. Great ideas! my house gets a little jungle with lots of my kids’ toys. I am looking something like this toy storages ideas. I like it. Must say, really it’s the best toy storages ideas. thanks for sharing this idea.

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