Winter Decorating Ideas

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It never fails that every year after Christmas I suffer from the post-Christmas blues so to speak. When the Christmas decor first goes up you think eek, this is a lot. As time goes on you get used to the extra stuff and when it comes down everything feels so bare. This year, I took my holiday decor down the day after Christmas and since it’s felt quite empty and cold in here. That bit between Christmas and spring can still feel warm and cozy without all the holiday decor. I was thrilled to join my friends at At Home Stores to share some Winter Decorating Ideas.

To give my home a more wintery feel, I brought in more neutral tones and utilized texture to create that coziness that you want in the winter months, including lots of pillows, blankets, and white accents. All of these items were easy to find when I visited At Home last week. Winter decor, galore! I think decorating for winter is the easiest of all. Achieving a simple, cozy environment doesn’t require a lot of money or effort. By adding neutral tones with texture, some stylish accessories, you can achieve a gorgeous post-holiday glow in your home.

Winter Decorating Ideas

Cozy blankets and pillows were first up on my list of items to search for at At Home. Swapping out pillows and blankets is such an easy and effective way to change the feel of your decor. This area had blue pillows and throws during the holiday season. I packed those away and brought in these super soft pillows and throws to give this sitting area an instant shot of cozy. The pillow is almost like a sherpa texture, so so soft and cuddly – perfect for winter.

During the holidays, my mantel was busy with garland, bows, and stockings so I was craving a very simple style for winter. I left the magnolia wreath that I had purchased from At Home for the holidays just removed the bow. I added some small vases and a faux gingko stem. Typically, I’m one for symmetry on the mantel but this works.

At Home is always my go to place for home decor because they have such a variety. My favorite aisle is the vases and lanterns. There are just so many – like this gorgeous fella.

And these on my mantel.

When I was styling these shelves for winter – I couldn’t help but pick up this little moose (which Millie keeps calling a reindeer). He said winter to me.

Styling the shelves [see our tutorial on building these shelves here] was the easiest part because I found so many goodies to try out. The wooden buoys jumped in my cart – it wouldn’t be MHB with some sort of coastal element. At Home also had a great selection of wooden bowls and trays that I had a hard time choosing from.

Looking this direction in my living room you’ll see more textured pillows in neutral colors. I’m obsessing over these large pillows. They’re each 22×22 and all have down inserts and each of them were $20 or less. You can also see that throw rug peeking behind the chair – I love the tassels.

If your searching for some post-holiday decor I know you’ll find something great by visiting At Home. To find an At Home store near you, visit and check out the store locator.


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