Makeup Organization Ideas – Best Storage Ideas for Makeup

How are we doing with the Clutter Free Challenge? Everyone hanging in there? This is week FIVE which means we’ve done a ton of organizing these last few weeks. Tackling a couple of spaces each week doesn’t overwhelm and when you look back on all the work you’ve done it’s really gratifying. This week’s focus is on bathroom organization. This is actually one area that didn’t need a ton of attention in my home. We don’t keep a lot in our bathrooms so it’s not much to store. Our master bath has two vanities but no linen closet so we store mostly towels under the sink. The only thing that is a challenge for me is the amount of counter stuff. I love a nice clear vanity – yet, my makeup is always strewn about the vanity counter. This week, I decided to once and for all organize my makeup. Need makeup organization ideas? You’re in the right place.

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Makeup organization ideas

It’s funny because I probably wear makeup less than three times per week yet makeup storage is the biggest bathroom organization concern. Girl problems. In my life, I’ve gone through so many phases when it comes to makeup. I’ve been an everyday makeup girl. I’ve been a no makeup at all, girl. I’ve been a watch all the YouTube video tutorials to learn eye shadow techniques kinda girl. I’ve been a lipstick obsessed kinda girl. Now I’m a minimal makeup routine kinda girl.

That being said, I have a hoard of beauty products that’s been lurking under the sink for years. Some items I’ve probably had since college which is apparently no good anymore. In case you too have years old makeup sitting in a box under your sink here’s a quick guideline on makeup expiration.

Makeup organization ideas - how to organize make up.

Best Makeup Organization Tips

Toss out old makeup that is expired or that you no longer use.
I started by tossing out all the old makeup that I hadn’t even looked at since we moved into this house oh, three years ago. I decided to part with pretty much everything you see in the image above, keeping only things I use on a daily (every couple of days really) basis. I just kept my favorite items that are in my regular makeup routine. Because, why do I need 30 eyeshadows from when I was 22? It’s kind of funny the random things you hang on to, isn’t it? This challenge has required me to think hard about my relationship with things and how much stuff is really necessary.

How to store makeup - makeup organization ideas

Use clear makeup organizers
After setting aside the items I decided to keep, I organized them within these two organizers. The two drawer organizer holds items that aren’t necessarily used daily but I still love them like special occasion lip colors, eyeshadows, and blushes. The organizer on top (similar here) of the two-drawer is for my everyday items like my eyeshadow palette, makeup brushes, and compact. I’m a pretty simple girl as I mentioned so everything fits nicely here.

Makeup organization ideas

I like how compact this setup is on my vanity. It tucks nicely in the corner and it’s easily accessible without having multiple makeup bags all over the countertop. How do you organize and store your makeup products? I’d love to hear what works for you. I’d also love to know if you are like me and have anything in your makeup bag that’s years old. What’s the oldest piece of makeup you have? Let me know in the comments!

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How to store organize makeup - makeup organization ideas

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  1. I have a good deal of make-up. I wear a full face. My best friend had the greatest idea so I did it!! I use large flat plastic containers stacked in my bedroom of my make-up by brand. All my make-up is no older than two years old. I love certain brands!! This has really worked out for me!! I don’t like to leave make-up or medicine’s in the bathroom!!!