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Mixing Metals – Kitchen Hardware Update

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Hello there! When we updated our kitchen almost two years ago, we updated the cabinets by painting them this lovely shade of gray and adding new hardware. I originally went with oil rubbed bronze knobs and pulls but it wasn’t long before I felt as though the cabinets needed a little softening. Mixing metals in the kitchen is a trend that I am absolutely on board with. So, in order to soften the cabinets, I decided to switch out the hardware to a polished nickel finish. This definitely gave a more softened look and it also achieved my goal of mixing metals in the kitchen. Adding two or three metals into a space gives it more dimension and visual interest. Let me show you my thought process:

Swapping out cabinet knobs and pulls

How changing out your cabinet knobs and pulls can transform your kitchen

Updating Cabinet Hardware

With exposed hinges, the oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware and the ORB light fixture in the kitchen, the kitchen was feeling a little heavy. I love our gray cabinets but in order to lighten the space, there had to be a change. The quickest fix was to switch up the cabinet hardware and not only was it the quickest fix, it did exactly what I was hoping. It softened the cabinets and gave more dimension to the room.

Polished nickel cabinet knobs and pulls

I upgraded the hardware to some gorgeous pieces from Martha Stewart Living. I picked these pulls from the Rustic Industrial Collection and these knobs from the Classic Farmhouse Collection.

Martha Stewart Living Cabinet knobs and pulls

Since they fit the existing holes perfectly, Matt and I were able to swap out all of the cabinets and pulls in minutes.

Beautiful updated kitchen with polished nickel cabinet hardware

The difference this swap makes is quite impressive for such a small change. I love the polished nickel against our gray cabinets and white quartz countertops. There is just enough contrast from the shiny metal to the smooth gray cabinet.

Gorgeous DIY kitchen renovation with mixed metals

I love the mix of metals in this space. The polished nickel with the stainless steel and the ORB we have in our light fixture and even the ORB hinges we kept on the cabinetry.

How to mix metals in the kitchen

It’s funny how a mix of metals can make a space feel more cohesive, right? Sometimes you need to break things up to make them feel like they belong. We’ve learned a lot through the process of updating our kitchen. Check out our full kitchen makeover here and see my best tips of painting your oak kitchen cabinets here.

You’ll also enjoy this guide to gray kitchen cabinets.

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