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Updated Storage Baskets with Stain and Number Stencils

Has your decorating style changed over the years? Mine has. Some of the things I purchased when we were first married now makes me cringe. Including one certain little wooden Buddha doll that I was certain would bring good luck to our home. We purchased it in a wood carving shop in downtown Waikiki. It was the very first “home” purchase we made.  Much of it has been passed on but I have bits and pieces here and there, including our little Buddha…and these seagrass storage baskets.
Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

I’m not sure when I purchased them but I know we’ve had them in every house I can remember. Although, I’ve been tired of their look for awhile, they still served a purpose so I’ve held on to them. I’m so glad I did, because they were a cinch to update, and now they are perfect and fit right into my decor!Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

The two storage baskets looked like this before. Just plain seagrass baskets with a canvas fabric liners. The light color is what I liked least about the baskets so I decided to give them a quick stain.
Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

We had Rustoleum Kona on hand so I used that. I lightly brushed on the stain. Then, with a lint free rag I rubbed the stain into all the little nooks of the basket. I saved the liners so if I want to make new ones with fun fabrics I’ll have a template.Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

For even more of a trendy and updated look I added a numerical stencil to the front of the storage baskets. This was a breeze with my Silhouette machine. I cut the numbers out in vinyl and stuck them on the baskets as stencils and painted the numbers on with acrylic paint. Just one coat and and they were perfect!Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

See… they look so much better in the dark color with the pretty stencils. Love.Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

These baskets used to hold old photos and other knick knacks underneath our media center. Now they hold cookbooks on the above cabinet shelf.Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

I love them in their new home, the bring a nice contrast against the mint frames. I’m so glad I keep these baskets around. They are just lovely now.

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24 thoughts on “Updated Storage Baskets with Stain and Number Stencils

  1. wow these came out fantastic, what a difference they went from a standard looking basket to something you’d find in pottery barn, awesome job!

  2. Looks great. I’ll have to keep that in mind to stain baskets, I’ve never thought about that.

    The numbers look great. The more I hear about the silhouette machine the more I want one.

    Manda @ Our Wolf Den

  3. This is such a great idea! I have a few baskets that i’ve haven’t used since they don’t match my other ones and I love anything numbered.

  4. I love your basket’s transformation! They definitely look fabulous darker….and the numbers, so chic!
    new bloglovin follower, here!

  5. Such a good idea! Those baskets are on sale or carance a lot too. They fit in great with you other decor.

  6. So great! i was thinking of doing something like this with some baskets we have on hand….this confirms it- totally doing it! 🙂

  7. They look awesome stained Chelsea… I have sOOO many light wicker baskets… they have a different texture but I am definitely going to see if staining them would work. Yours look absolutely amazing. And I LOVE the numbers!!

  8. I never thought to stain wicker baskets….that’s so much better then slathering paint on them…..such a great idea!

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  10. What a perfect and easy update! Thanks for linking up to Give Me the Goods!

    Rachel @ Maison de Pax

  11. I have a few baskets I need to do this to! My sis suggested it but I wasn’t sure it would turn out. But now I know it does so I’m off to find some stain!


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  17. This is such a great idea! I can’t wait to give it a try on some baskets I found at the thrift store last week. Thanks for the inspiration!

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