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Girls DIY Dress Up Storage Station

My girls love dress up. We’ve been collecting princess dresses since P was about two. I usually grab a couple every time the consignment sale rolls around and Millie wears them out. Until recently, we’ve had all of the dresses hanging in the closet. That wasn’t super convenient because the girls could not reach them easily. They would either come and get me to get one down, or they would tug on them until one of them fell. Creating a dress up storage station has been on our to-do list for some time now. We really wanted a way for the girls to have better access to all of their dresses. Matt and I brainstormed a way to build it very easily and cost-effective.

DIY Dress up station

Matt found the perfect piece of hobby board at The Home Depot with a beveled edge and grabbed some 1x2s and we were on our way to creating a cute little dress up storage station for the girls.

DIY Dress Up Storage Station - the perfect storage solution for dress up clothes for little girls

Here are the supplies we used:

  • 1×8 hobby board with a beveled edge (the edge isn’t required but I do like the softened edge)
  • (2 8ft) 1×2 boards cut into 4 ft pieces
  • 1 inch dowel
  • 2 in screws
  • 3 in screws
  • Ryobi drill with bits

The design of our dress up station has two legs that meet at the top and angle out to meet the shelf below. To do this we first attached the back leg to the bottom shelf.

We wanted to have the shelf elevated a bit so we measured about two inches up and added the back leg to the shelf with a 2-inch wood screw.

Next, place the front leg over top the back leg and drill a 2-inch screw through both legs just until it penetrates the back leg (this screw will serve as a placeholder just to get the legs in place – later we’ll drill in a longer screw to go through the dowel to create the hanging rod). To make it easier, we clamped the two legs together and pre-drilled a pilot hole using a 1/4 in drill bit.

You’ll be able to shift the front leg forward to create an angle.

Measure the legs about six and a half inches apart and drill a screw to secure it in place.

Repeat all steps on the opposite side.

The last step is to secure the dowel in the middle of the two sides. To do this, Matt replaced the 2-inch placeholder screws with a 3-inch screw, this time drilling through dowel on both sides.


The girls are loving having the dress up storage station available within their reach. They can see all their selection of gowns more easily.


DIY girls dress up stationThe dress-up station is really the perfect addition to the playroom since the colorful dresses are on display!

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DIY dress up station

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