DIY Wall Art – Pull Down Wall Hanging [From Wrapping Paper]

Hey friends. I have had a heck of a time figuring out what to hang on this big wall above our sofa. I had a piece of art over there but that was relocated to above the fireplace. Then, I started putting up a gallery wall and I just wasn’t feeling it.  So, I thought I might frame some wallpaper or wrapping paper for an inexpensive wall art solution. Then, I saw this really cute pull-down style wall hanging and it’s unique and really darling. Since I’ve already made a similar wall hanging with my fall printable – I decided to use a similar method to create this wallpaper pull down wall hanging.

DIY pull down wall hanging with wrapping paperThe tutorial for the pull down wall hanging DIY follows.

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I had Matt cut some firring strips (4 pieces) we had left over from another project to the width of the wrapping paper I had purchased. He stained them in this special walnut stain for me.

I unrolled the wrapping paper and cut it to the size I wanted. I totally eyeballed this part and just cut it large enough to fill the wall space. I would guess that it’s about 3 feet long.

Using wood glue we attached the wrapping paper to the wood, and then sandwiched it by another piece of wood. See below.

After securing the piece of wrapping paper between the two strips of wood, we clamped them securely and allowed the glue to dry.

We repeated those steps for the additional two pieces of wood for the bottom of the print.

Once it was dry, we attached a piece of rope to the back using a staple gun.


I’m so impressed with the way it turned out. It makes the space feel much more polished. The price for this DIY was around $20 which seems like an amazing price for such a large piece of art.

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  1. So chic Chelsea! I’m having a love affair with fitting strips at the moment and have a stock pile in the garage just begging for a project like this! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks, Betty 🙂 So many beautiful wrapping paper prints and tons of projects you can do with it! Good luck!

  3. Hi Chelsea,
    Looks fantastic! My BIL spent weeks hunting for wallpaper for his living room without success. Then when we were Christmas shopping I picked up a roll of lovely wrapping paper cream with silver scrolls, 4m for £2 and now he has a lovely chimney breast feature wall.
    Always worth looking at wrapping paper, looks good at the back of cupboards, in the wardrobe and as drawer liners too.
    Lucy Kent, England

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