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This is the time of year that the proverbial wheels fall off for me. Between the classroom parties, work functions, and gathering with friends I somehow drop the ball in one or all of these categories. This year hasn’t been as bad as others because I signed myself up for only what I could handle. I remember taking my kiddo to the doctor one year around Christmastime and the doctor asked me what kind of mom I was. She said, “Are you the homemade snacks mom or the paper plates mom?” And at the time I was definitely the homemade snacks mom but it made so much sense to me at that moment how important it is to sometimes be the paper plates mom! In the midst of a crazy time of year, I wanted to show a little hack so that you can be the homemade snacks “mom” (friend, party guest, whatever) with just a tiny bit more effort than the paper plates mom. I’ll tell you right now, I am happy to be the paper plates mom and I’m so grateful to that doctor for letting me in on that little life gem.

holiday appetizer - antipasto wreath

With one more gathering before we break for family time this holiday season, I had been wracking my brain trying to come up with a last-minute appetizer. I wanted to make something festive but also low effort and easy to pull together. I decided on making an antipasto dish but make it festive. I turned the classic appetizer into a pretty little holiday wreath and I never even had to step foot into the store.

The stores are wild this time of year so I avoid them as much as possible. Using my Walmart+ membership I ordered all the ingredients needed including the cheese board and ribbon. I simply selected same-day pickup and within three hours of my order, I had my ingredients ready to assemble.

I use my Walmart+ membership all the time. It’s especially convenient at times like this when you need to pull together a last-minute dish or even a last-minute gift.

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I’ve gotten into a routine these last few weeks of ordering any last-minute items I need directly from the Walmart app.

Antipasto wreath appetizer idea

The antipasto wreath is really easy to assemble. You’ll need some cocktail picks and a few ingredients including: mini mozzarella balls, grape tomatoes, garlic stuffed olives, salami, and basil. I also used fresh rosemary sprigs for garnish.

Antipasto wreath - holiday appetizer idea

I assembled this antipasto wreath on a really nice cheeseboard from Walmart. I thought it would be nice to take to a holiday party and leave it for the host as a thank you for having us.

Holiday Antipasto Wreath Appetizer

To assemble mini antipasto skewers, simply add one of each item onto the skewers, I folded the salami in fourths. I don’t think the order of the ingredients matters at all so you can feel free to change it up. Once you have them all assembled, you can start to put together the wreath. The wreath is really easy, just lay the skewers around in the shape of a wreath. It’s important to fill the wreath out the best that you can. Then you add a few rosemary sprigs for garnish. My wreath is approximately 10 inches wide and had about 30 skewers. You can make this as small or as larger as you need.

Antipasto wreath appetizer

I completed the festive appetizer by adding a little bow with some plaid ribbon that I ordered from Walmart as well.

Listen, if you have a member of your family that has everything, you might want to consider giving them the gift of a Walmart+ membership. They’ll be thrilled with all of the benefits. I sure am.

Please let me know if you make yourself an antipasto wreath to share with friends and family this holiday season. I would love to see it! Happy holidays!

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