Great Book Gift Ideas for Kids

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Purchasing gifts for kids can be a challenge. With a room full of toys, I sometimes cringe at the idea of buying my kid another toy that might sit on a shelf after being played with once. A couple of years ago I started adding books to my kids’ wishlists so that they can receive books as gifts. Sometimes they’re books that I select and sometimes they’re ones they’ve been eying. I also include books that my oldest can read herself along with books that we can read aloud as a family. Not only do I gift my own kids books I love having books in the closet to gift other children when we get invited to parties because I assume, like my kids, other kids are also swimming in stuff.

What I love most about gifting books is that they are gifts that live on for years, sometimes through multiple children. Millie now has, and enjoys, a lot of the books we gave Peighton over the years. Since reading is such a big priority in our family it makes sense that we would enjoy giving and receiving books as well.

Here are a few book gifting tips that you might find helpful.

Use the search filter on Scholastic to find age-appropriate books | I love that the site has books filtered by age so you’ll find books more easily.

Let the kiddos keep a running wishlist | I like to have my kids keep a running wishlist of books they want so that they are excited about the books they receive.

Gift books for the family | I like to also gift books that the whole family can enjoy. Those books are usually well-illustrated picture books that we can read together or chapter books that are age-appropriate for both kids.

Gift books that introduce them to different cultures | I want my kids to have a well-rounded knowledge of different cultures and beliefs. I think it’s healthy to explore things that are different and new to us so I like gifting them books that expose them to new things!

Make the gifting itself an experience | My girls have gotten really into scavenger hunts so for Millie’s most recent birthday we did a book scavenger hunt where we hid five books, each with a clue around the house. The girls had such fun investigating and decoding each clue and finding each book.

If you’re ready to move on from the same old toys as gifts – consider heading to Scholastic and finding some gift options there! Scholastic is a go-to resource for quality books from physical picture books to digital novels. It’s the first place I checked when looking for books both for my girls and for other kiddos to keep as gifts. You can start your search for some great books here.

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