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Bathroom Countertop Refinishing

After sharing my master bathroom makeover last year I’ve gotten several questions about our bathroom countertop refinishing. Our original bathroom vanities were made from cultured marble. I think it was a popular choice in homes in the 90s (at least where we live). It’s a solid surface that is made from the dust of actual marble stone. It’s great in bathrooms because it’s really durable. It’s not porous so it doesn’t stain easily. While this countertop is certainly durable, it’s quite outdated and it as we were going over our options for the bathroom renovation, we determined the best choice would be to have the bathroom vanities refinished instead of replaced.

Bathroom Countertop Refinishing

Can't replace your bathroom vanity? Consider bathroom countertop refinishing. This technique creates a beautiful clean look without spending much money

What is bathroom countertop refinishing?

If replacing your vanity or countertop is out of the budget, consider countertop refinishing. There are actually tons of options out there when it comes to refinishing your bathroom countertop. We decided to go with an epoxy option that allowed us to essentially have our countertops/vanities painted a bright white color which was a stark contrast to the yellow-y cultured marble. The epoxy provides a protected, durable shell over the top of the existing countertop. Essentially you paint bathroom countertops with a strong and durable product.

Did you do it yourself?

I actually didn’t even look into DIYing this job but I wish I would have. We hired this job out because we had first refinished our large garden tub –  it was the biggest eyesore. Since it wasn’t used a lot we felt confident in refinishing the tub first that way we could see how well it would hold up. At the time, our youngest daughter was just a couple of months old and the fumes from the epoxy are quite strong so we called in a professional, and escaped the house for a few hours while it dried.

Bathroom Countertop refinishing is a budget friendly way to update your bathroom vanity and tub

What’s the process?

I’m not totally sure what the DIY process would entail but there are products you can buy to paint bathroom countertops. When we hired our refinishing guy, he came to our house, taped up the faucet and drain, and mirrors. He then sprayed on the epoxy, and we let it dry. He set up our box fan in the bathroom and opened the window to get the air circulating in the room to reduce the fumes.

If you are on a budget, refinishing bathroom countertops is a great way to update your space. This technique creates a beautiful clean look without spending much money

How much does it cost?

We paid about $750 altogether to refinish our bathroom vanities (2) and our garden tub. You can buy a refinishing kit and paint bathroom countertops for much less than what we paid a professional. I’ve heard this product works great. If we were to do it again, I’d try this first before hiring it out. Under $40 – why not try and paint bathroom countertops yourself?

Can't replace your bathroom vanity? Refinish the bathroom countertop instead. This technique creates a beautiful clean look without spending much money

How are the painted bathroom countertops holding up?

It’s been over three years now since we refinished the tub, and the two vanities and all are holding up great. While the garden tub is not used daily, our girls bathe in there a few times a week (they use their tub more frequently – I swear I bathe them!), we use both vanities daily. We haven’t gotten a single dent or ding on the surface of the vanity or has the coating stained at all.

Bathroom vanity refinishing

Final thought on bathroom countertop refinishing

Overall, this is a great option for anyone who wants a more clean and updated look in their bathroom space without replacing the entire vanity or countertop. It’s a bargain at $750 if you have someone else do it but if you decide to DIY it, it’s insanely affordable. It also is a somewhat long-term option as we haven’t had a single issue in the year since we refinished the countertops.

Have you ever considered painting your bathroom vanity? I think it’s really a great budget-friendly alternative to replacing them.

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  1. What a great alternative to tearing out perfectly good countertops!! They turned out beautiful Chelsea 🙂

      1. Hi Jennifer, we had ours professionally done but I linked a product from Amazon in the post if you want to DIY it.

  2. Could you tell me the company you used to refinish your bathroom countertops? While I like a DYI project, I am too dang old to tackle this. Your counters look amazing and I would certainly rather refinish than replace.

    Thank you,

    1. Did they refinish it in place? Name of the Contractor? How long did it Take?
      I’m in Downtown Brampton.