Storage Baskets for $20 or Less

It’s no secret that a major part of my strategy for having the appearance of a clean home is baskets. I’m giving you a major wink right now because you all know what my house looks like on an average day, you’ve seen the real home tour. I’ve got storage baskets in every room of my home and they are great for actually storing things but they are also great for stashing crap that you don’t want out. I even use a basket when I’m picking up my house – I usually spend several 15-minute blocks of time picking up toys and other random items from around the house to be put away after the kids go to bed. The trick with storage baskets is to not allow them to become another junk drawer in your home. Give them a purpose and they’ll serve you well.

Here are a few places we use them around our house:

  • The girls’ playroom – I have a few of those 2×3 cubbies and we use baskets to corral all of the toys. They’re fairly organized but I’m not a super stickler about the playroom.
  • Our pantry – I organized our pantry using baskets and bins a couple years ago and it’s worked wonders. Each basket contains a category of food which makes things easier to find.
  • Our living room – We’ve got baskets in on our bookshelf, under tables, behind cabinets, you name it! In our living room, the baskets hold blankets, toys that get played with more regularly, dog things, essential oils, etc.
  • In our bathrooms – We use baskets in each of the bathrooms to store towels.

I’d love to hear how you utilize storage baskets in your home! If you’re looking for some affordable and stylish storage baskets look no further because we’ve rounded up quite the collection.

See our full home tour (the clean one) here.

Click on an image below to check out each item more closely!

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