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DIY Master Bathroom Makeover

You. guys. If there was one room that needed a makeover most, it was our master bathroom. For the past couple of months we’ve been chunking away at this master bathroom and it’s finally d-o-n-e. And… it’s everything! This DIY Master Bathroom Makeover makes me so happy. If you saw the before pictures of this dark and dingy space with ugly floral wallpaper then you know just how BIG this transformation is.

This post is sponsored by Floor & Decor. My favorable opinions of their products are 100% my own!

DIY Master Bathroom Makeover
Bathroom Makeover-9
Shower Tiling Tips & Tricks

Marble Round Mosaic | Subway Tile [beveled shown but we decided on flat] | Glass Mosaic

Remember, it all started with this tile selection from Floor & Decor. I had major heart eyes for those marble rounds. Remember, we did marble herringbone for our kitchen backsplash so I thought this would really tie in nicely.

Bathroom Reveal

We had already added vinyl plank flooring in this space before we moved in but that was the only thing that had been updated in here. The number one mission was to open up our shower. We knew that would the game changer because the shower was so tight and enclosed. We knocked out the shower enclosure to open up the whole wall giving us a lot more shower space. Because the shower tile really was the star of the space, we wanted to make sure you could actually see it! We cut the top portion of the wall that was blocking the shower to create a half wall next to the vanity so we could get a better view of all that pretty tile!

Bathroom Makeover-3

Once we pulled down the wall – we had this beautiful large space. The room immediately felt larger and more open. The shower is the exact same size, yet it looks ten times bigger now.

I am so pleased with the tile selection. The minute our tile guy started putting the tile I up, I literally got the giggles. I was so excited. I had made several trips to Floor & Decor to peek at tile but it wasn’t until I sat down with a designer at Floor & Decor that I finally settled on a combo and it was about this moment that I realized that my tile selection was on point!
Bathroom Makeover-5

As the tile was going up I had already set my mind on white grout but when I saw the dark spacing between the tile, I considered switching to a gray grout. For just a minute. Then, I stuck with my original plan and I’m so glad I did.

Bathroom Makeover-13

The white grout is so clean and fresh looking and with such a small space, brighter is better! And the round marble is everything, isn’t it?

Bathroom Makeover-3

After the shower was complete, the next major job was doing away with the 90s flower wallpaper. This caused much anxiety because it was just an overwhelming job. The wallpaper was put right onto wallboard so simply peeling it off wasn’t an option. We decided to hire the wallpaper removal job out because it was way too much work for us to tackle. Our contractors ended up skim coating right over the wallpaper. This is totally doable as long as you seal the wallpaper with oil based primer first.
Bathroom Makeover-2

The paint color is something I definitely got right in this space. I wanted a really calm, retreat-like bathroom. We painted the walls Ben Moore’s Oyster Shell. The color is a very light gray that has a hint of blue/green to it. It’s perfect for a coastal, beachy retreat feel.

Master Bathroom Reveal

The bathroom makeover continued with the vanities. We had a pinkish oak cabinetry that we painted gray (same as in our kitchen). The major game changer for the vanity was the re-glazing of the countertops (and tub).

Bathroom Makeover-7

The countertops were cultured marble which I realllyyyy did not like. We had them and the large garden bathtub reglazed to a bright white. We also changed out the faucets and vanity lighting.

Bathroom Makeover-6

We kept the original mirrors but customized them by framing them out.

Bathroom Makeover-8

It’s so bright and clean in here now that I almost can’t believe this is the same space.
Bathroom Makeover-11
So glad that the last bathroom makeover in the MHB Florida House is in the books.

Bathroom Makeover
Thanks for letting me brag on our bathroom makeover and sharing in the excitement with me, guys! I hope you have a great Monday! If you’re planning a bathroom makeover don’t forget to pin this to save for later!

Bright and Fresh Master Bathroom Makeover

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  1. Chels! It looks awesome! The before and after comparison is amazing. You guys really did so much to the space! I bet it feels like a spa retreat every time you walk in now! 🙂 Wonderful job!

    ~Abby =)

        1. Hi Kara, I don’t have a tutorial because we hired it out. We had our tub and two vanities done. It’s essentially very strong and durable paint that you apply over the counter. I’ve seen kits at Home Depot. Sorry, I’m not more help!

  2. Chelesa, it looks beautiful so bright and pretty you did an awesome job,thanks for sharing before and after photos…

  3. That looks amazing!! We moved into our house this past February and the master bath is a disaster!! It’s on our list to tackle next year and this is great inspiration!

  4. Lovvvvvving thisssssss! And so on board with the hiring of the wallpaper removal peeps… that is NOT a fun DIY! Beautiful job momma!

  5. I have the same cultured bathroom counters and didn’t realize they could be reglazed. What type of business does this as I would like to have mine redone in white also? Thanks for a great post!

    1. Hi Linda, it’s called re-glazing. My husband just searched online and ended up finding a service via Homeadvisor.com – I plan on blogging about the experience at some point so stay tuned!

  6. This is an AWESOME makeover, Chelsea! I love the new tile, and what a genius idea to open up the shower and remove a portion of that wall! It looks like a completely different room! I’m soooo with you on hiring people to remove the wallpaper! Great job, girl! xo

  7. Your master bathroom looks ah-mazing! It is so tranquil, and calming…perfect for long, leisurely baths or even a quick shower. I still cannot get over how different it looked after just opening up the shower, and you’re right – your tile picking skills are definitely on point. BTW, I love the flooring – is it the porcelain tile done to look like wood, or something else?

    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for your comment! The floors are a vinyl product by Shaw flooring. I absolutely love it. It’s a wide plank.

  8. Hi Ches,

    We are in the process of questions bathroom make over, we have all the materials. Yes we are doing it ourselves, and we are tired. Of course he is a 15 yr tiles layer, but this project is totally different. Totally. The set up for the bath is in Floor and Decor!!

    Hanging in there.

  9. Beautiful job. So bright and fresh looking. I especially love the penny rounds. An unusual combination with the other mosaic tile–and it totally works!

    Do you happen to remember where you got that light fixture?

  10. We have cultured marble counters in our bathroom as well. I have already added trim and painted the cabinet and was wondering if I could have them reglazed similar to a tub. I’m glad to hear you had it done successfully. How would you say they are holding up?

    1. Hey Lane, they reglazing was the best thing we did. We’re almost a year out and everything still looks great. We don’t use the tub very frequently but obviously the sinks get used daily – and it’s flawless.

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  15. Just found your site! I love your master bathroom. We’re going to soon be redoing ours. What type of flooring did you use? It looks grey, do you know what the style name is?

      1. Oops, I meant the master bathroom flooring. But I like the bedroom carpet too! Oh and one more question, the border tile in the shower, who makes that color/style? The ones I’ve seen near me in Ohio are browns, black and white and multi grays. I’d love to have something like the one you have.

        1. Becky! Ooops – sure! I actually wrote a whole post about the bathroom flooring because I get a ton of questions about it. You can read that here: https://www.makinghomebase.com/vinyl-flooring-review-1-year-later/

          The accent tile is from Floor & Decor but I couldn’t find it on their website. I did a quick search for “glass mosaic tile” on The Home Depot site and found a lot of blue/green/white options so I’d check there. Hope that helps!

  16. Thank you! We’re still in the planning, getting ideas stage which I love to do, even when it gets a bit frustrating making choices LOL! This will be a master bedroom/ bath redecorate and hopefully will be starting on it in the next month or so..

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  18. Hi Chelsea – You have such a darling home : ) Anyways my dear, could you please give me the dimensions of this shower. We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom – and I really would like a shower curtain (instead of glass) but I fear our shower is too large and a curtain might not work. Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  19. I love everything about it! I’m in a rental right now, but I may be able to steal some of the design elements to brighten my bath. Inspirational!

    1. The vanity is Still Gray by Behr – I wrote a whole blog post about painting our cabinets a few years ago. Seach painted gray cabinets and you should be able to see details 🙂

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