Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

Sofas are arguably the most significant investment you’ll make in living room furniture so getting it right is pretty important. Should you go with a bold color that will stand out or neutral and blend in? I think a really nice option is a blue sofa because blues, especially navy blue, and other more muted blue tones are trending more neutral so you get the best of both worlds. An eye-catching burst of color with a side of neutral. A blue sofa (or any color sofa for that matter) is a great way to add a pop of color and style to your living room. But how do you create the perfect decorating scheme around it? How do you balance bold colors with soft neutrals? Here, we provide a few blue couch living room ideas to help you find the perfect look that makes a bold statement without overwhelming the space. 

Navy Blue Couch Decorating Ideas

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

Using Blue as a Neutral

Most interior designers would agree that you can use navy blue as a neutral. Blue is obviously a color but when layered with other bold colors it takes on the role of a neutral hue. That means you can pair a navy blue sofa with other neutral colors, most commonly beiges, whites, and grays, or you can pair a blue sofa with colorful hues. Using blue as a neutral base means your sofa won’t be competing with the rest of the colors in the room, it will be used to complement them.

Allow the Blue to Be Bold

Another option is to use a blue sofa as your statement piece in your living room. Sofas that are more ornate in design and brighter in color are definitely meant to be focal point pieces. You could combine your bold blue sofa with bold colors or you can layer it with soft neutrals to really allow it to stand out. I love a bold sofa paired with bold accent colors. Adding pops of color with bright throw pillows and rugs will bring in some character and charm. You can also use artwork to set your space apart. Artwork that coordinates well with your sofa will bring even more life to your space!

Think About the Texture of Your Blue Sofa

Sofa design is super important when designing a space. If you are considering the purchase of a blue sofa or blue couches, think about the texture of the sofa as much as the color. What kind of upholstery are you drawn to? Do you want a slipcovered sofa, velvet, or linen? How durable does this sofa need to be? What kind of wear and tear will this sofa see? All of those questions should be answered before you dive into the purchase of a blue sofa. We’ll look at examples of many different fabrics so you can get an idea of how the texture of the sofa plays into decorating around a navy blue sofa (or any shade of blue). 

Color Schemes to Consider for a Blue Couch Living Room

Chances are you want your blue sofa to be the focal point of your space. It’s a great starting point for a room with neutral walls and other furniture. You can expand the color palette from there with other decor and accents. 

Maybe you want to stay neutral or maybe you want to go bold. Keep it neutral with grays and different shades of blue. Be careful with monochromatic designs. Make sure you have complementary colors blended in with the blue hues. You can bring in texture and other neutral colors like beiges and whites with blankets and accessories.

If you have a blue sofa and you are craving bold color then you should lean all the way in and add pops of color where you can. Orange throw pillows, fuschia wall art, and colorful texture curtains are just some ways that you can up your vibe by adding different colors. 

Blue Couch Living Room Inspiration

Bold Blue Sofa in a Neutral Living Room

Here’s a perfect example of keeping it neutral. When the rest of the space is neutral the blue becomes the pop of color. I love the balance here between the grays, whites, and silver glam tones against the deeply saturated navy blue sofa. Your eye immediately is drawn to the sofa and then you can start looking around the room at the movement of the rug and the textures and colors of the other accessories. The sofa is softened slightly with the addition of decorative cushions that bring the blue, gray, and white together.

Coastal Blue, Orange, and Gray Living Room

Here’s another example of how when paired with neutrals the blue becomes the pop of color. This time, it’s got a partner in crime in the orange throw pillows. If you look around the room, everything in here is neutral from the grey walls and marble fireplace to the beige accent chairs and ottoman. The blue sofas are a pop of color and it works here. The combo of blue, white, and orange along with the striped rug is giving off undeniable nautical vibes and we love it.

Navy Blue Couch Makes a Statement

Oh hello, moody living room, we see you. This space has a level of sophistication that cannot be overstated. I love how this velvet dark blue couch takes center stage but it’s not exactly among neutral friends. In this space, you see a lot of color and metallics yet nothing here is overpowering. The cream colored walls soften the whole room. I think the underrated player in this space is the rug that ties all of these colors together. If you are unsure how to ground your blue sofa in your living room, think about your area rug. Is it working to incorporate your blue couch into your space?

Sophisticated Velvet Blue Sofa

One thing I love about a blue velvet sofa is that it can be so many things; playful, luxurious, and bold, and in here it is sophisticated. The muted navy blue is the perfect shade. The whole room is softened by the light blue/gray walls and the blue is a punch of color. You can even see a bit of the bold blue on the adjacent wall and it feels like a great complementary color for this grown-up space.

Coastal Blue Couch Living Room

More blue couch living room ideas – this time coastal! It’s coastal, it’s sophisticated, and it’s lovely. For me, it’s the textures in this space. It’s the tufted ottoman, the wood paneling, and the striped rug. What speaks to me the most about this space is how warm and inviting it feels with the heavy furniture. Even though the seating is all dark navy blue – the space itself is warmed up nicely by the wall treatment, white ceiling, and accessories.

Light and Bright Living Room with Navy Blue Sectional

living room with blue sofa
via Niche Interiors

Did you know that you can do light and bright with a navy sofa? It’s true. It can be done! Bright white walls serve as the perfect backdrop for this modern almost minimalist space. Clean lines, light wood tones, and a rich navy blue sectional create a really beautiful living room full of serenity. You can see how the blue sofa is tied into the rest of the space in other elements like the stripes of the rug, the artwork on the wall, and the cushions on the sofa. This space is a perfect example of how a dark piece of furniture doesn’t have to overwhelm a space. It can complement it.

Charming Living Room with Blue Couches

A lot of the previous spaces we’ve seen aren’t busy. They are clean and edited. This space has loads of charm. Your eye is moving all around the room from the wallpaper to the rug. While the space is dark and moody, you can see that the rich navy blue sofas aren’t taking over. They are heavy and anchoring but the space itself feels warm and welcoming. The blue couches are softened slightly with the yellow/gold pop of color in the cushions. The medium wood tones are another element that lightens up the space against the richness of the blue.

Effortless Family Friendly Living Room with a Blue Sofa

how to decorate around a blue sofa sectional
via AE Designs

I love this family-friendly living space with a slip-covered navy blue sectional. From the cool white paint color (it reminds me of my favorite white paint, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace) to the rich dark flooring, this space is put together in a way that feels rather effortless. A striped woven rug grounds the room. The sofa feels like comfort luxury like it’s a high-quality piece that’s inviting for the whole family and guests. I love a sofa that can fit an entire family! The stone-shaped coffee table is a fun, modern addition to this space. Another thing that really brings everything together in this space is the mix of patterns in the throw pillows. I love a good mix of patterns for sofa pillows!

Modern Traditional Living Room with a Pair of Blue Couches

The only thing better than one blue sofa in a living room is two! This pair of blue couches really makes this space. The navy blue color is less saturated than most navy blue fabrics. The color is reminiscent of denim more than anything and I love that. The toned-down color contributes to the softness of the overall space. This room isn’t overdecorated at all. It’s basic but not boring. Again, a colorful rug is grounding the space and pairs so nicely with the blue couches and the light wood accent furniture. If you want a blue sofa but you don’t want to be overwhelmed with color then this design would work really well for you!

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So there you have it, a few blue sofa living room ideas that will help you create the perfect look for your home. Whether you are going for bold and sophisticated or light and bright, a navy blue sofa can be an amazing addition to any space. Now, take these decorating tips for decorating around a blue sofa to get started on creating the perfect look in your home. Good luck!

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