Sherwin Williams Oyster White

White is a famously (or is it infamously?) challenging paint color to nail. No white paint is truly white and there are undertones and lighting that you have to be concerned with. If you’ve ever stood at a paint counter and peered at the wall of paint chips until your eyes glossed over, you know. White is never just white. I love to uncover the mystery of paint colors with you. Today we will look at a popular interior and exterior white (ish) paint color, Sherwin Williams Oyster White. I call Oyster White, white-ish because its warmth and creaminess almost have it dipping its toe into a beige-ish gray or greige category. Overall, it’s a warm and inviting color that works perfectly for interior and exterior spaces. Its versatility makes it beloved by designers and design enthusiasts alike. 

Sherwin Williams Oyster White

What Color is Sherwin Williams Oyster White?

Oyster White may not be the first paint color you come across when searching for “the best off-white paint colors” but it should be a contender. Whites are really hard to get right. Oyster White is typically compared to colors like Sherwin Williams Alabaster or Sherwin Williams Shoji White, both are really popular white paint colors. That being said, Oyster White has a place among this crowded category of “perfect whites.” Here are the top-level details you need to know about Sherwin Williams Oyster White SW 7637. Oyster White is in the “white family” and is in the Sherwin Williams Finest Whites & Neutrals Collection. It’s an off-white paint color but as previously mentioned, its undertones, pull green/gray/beige. On exteriors, it can be the perfect warm white paint color because it won’t wash out as much as some other lighter whites. For interiors, next to a bright white trim, Oyster White can appear slightly gray.

Is Sherwin Williams Oyster White a Bright White?

No, Sherwin Williams Oyster White wouldn’t be considered a bright white paint color. When I think of bright white, I think of pure white or pretty darn close to it. That’s not SW Oyster White. In fact, we can debate whether or not Oyster White is technically a white paint color altogether. I’ve seen it called a light greige paint color, off-white, cream, and even gray! We’ll dive a little more into why it’s not pure white in just a moment but just know that if you are looking for a stark, bright white – this is not your color.

How Light or Dark is Sherwin Williams Oyster White?

Maybe this isn’t a question that you think to ask of a white paint color but it’s an important question in the world of paint. Every paint color is given a Light Reflective Value or LRV which tells us how light or dark a paint color is. According to that value, Oyster White is a light paint color which makes sense as it’s a light, warm off-white or light gray paint color. 

Tell me More about LRV

LRV or the Light Reflective Value is a useful tool for determining how light or dark a paint color is. On a scale from 0-100, colors are given a value from 0, which is completely black, to 100, solidly pure white. Light Reflective Value simply means the amount of light reflected. The higher the value, the more reflective the shade, and the lighter it will appear.

The Light Reflectance Value or LRV of Sherwin Williams Oyster White is 72.

For perspective, Sherwin Williams Pure White has an LRV of 84. Sherwin Williams Extra White has an LRV of 86 and the brightest white by Sherwin Williams, High Reflective White has an LRV of 93.

Is Oyster White a Warm or Cool Paint Color?

You may be thinking, it’s white, how can it be warm or cool? White paint colors, like all paint colors, have undertones that will run either warm or cool. Oyster White is a soft, warm off-white paint color. Its warmth has many questioning whether or not it’s even a white paint color (I’ll call it an off, off-white) but no matter, it’s a gorgeous neutral, that is enhanced by natural lighting. 

What Undertones Does Oyster White Have?

Oyster White has a soft green undertone that gives it warmth without being overbearing. I believe these green undertones are what give Oyster White its greige-ish hue. Because it has a bit deeper saturation than many other whites, it is one of the superior white exterior paint colors. Although there is a green undertone, the outdoor light exposure softens it just enough that the color is white without being stark. For interiors, you may be wearier of the green undertones. Pairing it with a stark white trim may allow those hints of green to creep in and appear more visibly. There are still many, many interiors that are gorgeous with Oyster White walls.

This is where I tell you how important it is to sample any paint color before you commit to painting your walls. It’s a great idea to stick samples of your desired color in the space you’re thinking about painting and check in at varying times throughout the day to get a true, accurate idea of what the color will look like in your space.

Painting swatches on the wall is the old way! Now you can buy premade swatches that are ready to stick to your wall. I really like  SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers convenient peel-and-stick paint samples that are affordable, more accessible, and better for the environment than traditional paint pots. They are mess-free, display colors just like a wall, are reusable so you can try them out all over the room, and arrive on your doorstep in just a few days! 

If you are buying paint pot samples, consider using large posterboard for samples to give yourself the most accurate idea of the color. 

Oyster White in Real Spaces

If you like what you see so far and you need more inspiration for what Oyster White will look once it’s on the walls – let’s go on! The photos below will give you a good idea of how different lighting can affect the appearance of Oyster White.

Oyster White as an Exterior White Paint Color

I mentioned that Oyster White is a superior exterior white paint color and this absolutely stunning brick tudor is a great example of that. The soft white has just enough depth that it’s not completely washed out by the sunlight. Exterior white paints can be very challenging to get right. Harsh sunlit often makes them appear too stark. Oyster White is soft, creamy, and perfect.

Another example of beautiful Oyster White on this farmhouse style home. I appreciate how the trim has been painted a brighter white allowing Oyster White to look softer and off-white. Again, if you are painting the exterior of a home, do consider Oyster White. I especially love it on farmhouses, brick houses, and any craftsman style home.

Oyster White as an Interior White Paint Color

Indoors, Oyster White can be a little tricky to get just right but once it’s achieved, it’s stunning. This space above is the perfect example of that. Here Sherwin Williams Oyster White is at it’s best with it’s creamy greige-y hue that feels warm and cozy. You can imagine yourself curling up with a good book, stealing glances of the beautiful blue ocean.

Oyster White works for modern spaces but also historic ones. This gorgeous entryway feels like the perfect balance of old and new with the help of freshly painted Oyster White walls.

I think most of us believe that Emily Henderson can do no wrong so when I saw that she was using Oyster White then I thought, AHA, it’s a color worth investigating! Warm, inviting, it’s a lovely white-ish paint color. White is a popular interior paint color but you must be careful to avoid starkness if you are going for softness and a feel of welcoming. Oyster White is a great compromise, it’s white without being too white. It’s inviting but not too warm.

What are some Complementary Colors to Sherwin Williams Oyster White?

I love Oyster White paired with bright white trim. The color looks like a soft greige. Throughout the day the color changes slightly from beige to greige, especially in north-facing rooms. I love Oyster White with a cool color palette. Colors like grays, blues, greens, blue-grays, and blue-greens, all go beautifully with Oyster White. You can use these colors as accents or complementary wall colors. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is a great complementary gray paint color that looks beautiful with Oyster White. Evergreen Fog is another rich warm color that looks beautiful with Sherwin Williams Oyster White.

For exteriors, I love the look of a white house with black trim so using a black like Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is a great option.

Where to Use Sherwin Williams Oyster White?

SW Oyster White is a gorgeous white paint for exteriors and interiors but it can’t be overstated how great it is for exteriors! For interiors spaces, Oyster White is a great option for:

  • Any accent wall
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bathroom
  • Entryway
  • Hallways and Stairways
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen Cabinets

What’s A Similar Color to Oyster White? 

Just because I can rave about Oyster White doesn’t mean it’s the perfect color for everyone. If Oyster White doesn’t work for your color scheme, there are some other options that are similar and may work better for your space. Or if you just want to know what similar color choices are out there, then read on! 

Sherwin Willams Oyster White vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Let’s take a look at Sherwin Williams colors Oyster White and Alabaster, SW 7008. Alabaster is a very popular white paint color and compared with Oyster White is it far more “white” than Oyster White. You can see that Alabaster is lighter and it is with an LRV of 82, 10 point higher than Oyster White. While Oyster White is often times called a greige paint color, Alabaster is said to be a white with yellow greige undertones.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White vs Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

I wanted to compare Sherwin Williams Oyster White with Sherwin Williams Greek Villa because both colors are on the same paint card. Oyster White is five shades darker. It’s the darkest on the paint card white Greek Villa is the lightest. Greek Villa is much lighter than Oyster White with an LRV of 84, 12 points higher. Greek Villa is a beautiful warm white with yellow-beige undertones. If you like Oyster White but fear it’s too saturated, you may like to try Greek Villa.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White vs Sherwin Williams Natural Choice

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011 is very similar to Oyster White. You can see from the swatches above that they are very, very close in color. Natural Choice is just one shade away from Oyster White. It’s also a lovely creamy, cozy white that can work well for interiors and exteriors. It’s slightly lighter than Oyster White, just two points off on the LRV scale (Oyster White is 72 while Natural Choice is 74). Oyster White is slight cooler, and slightly more gray/green than Natural Choice.

Final Thoughts on Sherwin Williams Oyster White

In my opinion, Oyster White is a go-to paint color for white exteriors. The softness and warmth cannot be beat! As an interior wall color, there are many options for a good warm white, some mentioned here are on par or may even work better than Oyster White in some situations. I think it’s a great idea to sample this color and try it out in your own space. If you decide on Oyster White, I know it will bring warmth and coziness to any space!

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