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Raise your hand if every year you say “I’m going to be more organized this Christmas” and then you never are. Every. year. I even start thinking about my gift list, spend hours online searching for my Christmas cards, and tell myself I’m going to shop early. Never happens. I’m that frazzled lady days before the holiday hoping my cards make it before Christmas Day.

Not this year my friends.

I’ve been struggling so much with feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. I haven’t been keeping my running to do list in my head and you know what that means. I forget important dates or precious ideas go floating into thin air. I’m determined to be more organized in my life and two things I’m making an effort to do is write stuff down and plan ahead. I’ve noticed doing these two things makes a world of difference when it comes to my stress level and my overall happiness ya’ll. Who wants to be that stressed out mama trying to remember all the things around the holidays. This Christmas, I’m going to be ahead of the game, I’m going to be organized, and preparedfree-holiday-planner-printable-organization-pages-preview

So, my plan was to create a holiday planner where I can keep all my Christmas stuff in one place, organized and ready from now until Christmas. I created six different printable sheets that I’m using:

  • Dinner Menu
  • Christmas Card List
  • Gift Giving Guide
  • Black Friday Shopping Guide
  • Gift Tracker
  • Holiday To Do List

I’ll be printing multiples of each (except for the dinner menu – if you have several meals to plan you can print several of these), keeping them in a three ring binder so I’ll be super organized.

You are welcome to print this free printable holiday planner for your personal use. Let’s let this be the year we have an organized and stressfree holiday!



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