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Beautiful Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

Elevate Your Space: Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas for a Personal Oasis

The bedroom is your sanctuary, and while it might not be the center of the home it certainly is the room where you spend the most time. As such it deserves the same design attention that you use on the rest of your home. One of the most impactful ways to personalize your bedroom is through the use of the bedroom accent wall. 

In this blog post, I will explore modern bedroom accent wall ideas that take your room’s aesthetic to new heights without breaking the bank. I will highlight trendy designs, offer tips on how to select the perfect wall, and guide you through the step-by-step process of creating an accent wall that sets your space apart.

Bedroom accent walls graphic.

Strategic Selection of an Accent Wall

Choosing the right wall is a crucial strategic move when choosing to design with an accent wall in your room. The wall behind your bed is the most popular choice, but it’s not the only one that can make a statement.

When deciding on the location of your accent wall, consider the following:

  • Establish a focal point in your room that naturally draws the eye.
  • Ensure that the wall doesn’t compete with existing architectural features that you want to highlight.
  • Think about how the accent wall will interact with the room’s lighting and furniture placement.

Selecting the wall is as much a personal decision as it is an aesthetic one. Consider how you move within your space and where your eyes are drawn to when first entering the room. These small tips will guide you in selecting the most impactful wall for your accent wall.

The Right Hue and Intensity

Color is the core of any room’s design, and the accent wall should synchronize perfectly with the rest of your homes palette. The key is to select a hue that enhances the room without overwhelming it. Deep, rich colors can create drama, while softer shades offer a sense of tranquility.

A few tips for choosing the right color:

  • Pick a shade that complements your existing bedroom colors and decor.
  • Consider the psychology of color and how it affects mood.
  • Always test the color in different lighting conditions before committing.

To start off with we will look at accent walls that only use color.

Painted Accent Walls

Gray Accent Wall

Love, love, love this rooms design. The gray accent wall design pairs amazingly well with the wood to kind of make this space have two accent walls behind the bed. I love how the designer uses grays throughout the space to make it feel cohesive without overpowering the bedroom. I guess lots of natural light and plenty of space will do that. There are tons of gray paint colors to choose from but one of my favorites is Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. Its is a deep gray color but not terribly dark and its perfect for any spaces accent wall design.


Who would have thought that a black wall in a bedroom would look this fabulous? It’s a bold choice but it’s sleek and modern. The color black is often associated with sophistication, power, and luxury. A black accent wall in your bedroom can bring all of these elements into your personal space.

Green Accent Wall

Green is a calming and refreshing color, making it a perfect choice for an accent wall behind a bed.  Ill be the first to admint that green can be an unusual choice but is done successfully it can be an amazing design feature. The key is to find the right shade of green that complements your bedroom’s existing decor. One of my all time favorite green paint colors is Farrow and Ball Green Smoke. This color would make the perfect backdrop for any room design. 

Navy Blue 

Navy Blue offers a stunning depth that can transform your bedroom into a serene, yet stately retreat. This luxurious, deep blue shade pairs beautifully with a range of colors, from crisp whites to warm neutrals, creating a dynamic yet harmonious look. A navy blue accent wall can anchor your space in sophistication while offering a calming effect reminiscent of the night sky or a deep sea. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to inject a bold yet soothing element into their bedroom. For a truly luxorious feel, accessorize with gold or brass accents, which stand out beautifully against a navy backdrop. One paint color that I love that captures this essence beautifully is Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy, a timeless classic that can add a touch of elegance to any bedroom.

Bedroom Accent Wall Designs That Make a Statement

There are numerous styles of accent walls that can suit a modern bedroom. Here are a few popular options to consider when designing your space:

Brick Accent Wall Behind Bed

Painted brick accent wall in a mostly white bedroom with large windows and beige carpeting.
All About Home Design

What can top this design? This is an absolute beautiful accent wall and it fits in perfectly with the rooms overall design scheme. The brick wall is weathered enough to make it intresting but not enough to make it seem fake or overdone. The mix of grays and whites in this space make this design really cohesive.   

Bold Paint Color Accent Wall

Paint colors are obviously not limited to just the ones I mentioned earlier. There really is no limits on what color you can choose to form your accent wall design. Consider using a bold color like a bright red or yellow or some other unexpected color. Using a bold color really makes the wall accented and that’s the ultimate goal, right?

Wallpaper Bedroom Accent Wall 

Wallpaper offers a wide range of patterns and designs, allowing you to  customize your accent wall and create a unique look. A wallpaper accent wall behind the bed is a great way to add texture, color, and personality to your bedroom. There are endless options when it comes to patterned wallpaper, from bold. You can even use this wall design if you are a renter with my tips on how to make any wallpaper removable.

Wood Trim Accent Wall

For a customizable accent wall design, consider a wood trim accent wall.  This design involves adding strips of wood to create a geometric pattern on the wall. You can choose various sizes and types of wood, stains, and patterns to match your desired look. This unique approach creates a focal point in the bedroom and adds warmth and texture to your bedroom. This is a great way to break out and show off your DIY skills.

Stacked Stone Accent Wall

I can’t say I have see stacked stones used in this way before but I am here for it. This design is truly one of a kind and makes for a great accent wall in your bedroom. The options plenty of options for stacked stones so there is sure to be a design that fits with your overall bedroom design.


Shiplap has become a much loved design choice since it exudes a warm, rustic charm that can seamlessly blend with both modern and traditional decors. It adds texture and visual interest to any room, particularly when used as an accent wall in the bedroom. A shiplap accent wall can act as the perfect backdrop for your headboard, inviting coziness and comfort into the space. Whether painted in lovely whites, soft grays, or left in its natural wood finish, shiplap offers a versatile option for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Its horizontal lines draw the eye, making the room appear larger while also adding to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Fabric Accent Wall

This is an intresting design and I happen to really like it. Its really unique and its certianly something that coud be a relatively easy DIY.

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

For a rustic or farmhouse-style bedroom, consider a reclaimed wood accent wall. This design adds character and old world charm to your room while also being environmentally friendly. You can use reclaimed wood from various sources, such as old barns, pallets, or salvaged lumber, to create this unique design. Just be sure that you know where the wood came from and that it is not hazardous.

Bedroom Accent Wall + Ceiling

Taking your accent wall to new heights (literally) by extending it onto the ceiling is a bold and innovative design that transforms the entire dynamic of your room. This approach not only draws the eye upward, making the room feel larger and more expansive but also adds an unexpected element of design that is sure to impress. This is a perfect way to create a truly immersive environment. What I like best about this design is that you are not limited to just painting the wall and ceiling but you can really use a majority of the ideas presented here. 

Fluted Bedroom Wall

I never really saw fluted walls until I came across them for this post. Fluted walls give the space an instant luxury feel and really make the space stand out. So if thats what you are looking for this might be the design option for you. I think this design works best when used as the accent wall behind a bed.

High Ceiling Design

Nothing is more elegant than a room with a high ceiling. Some people might think that you can’t really create an accent wall in rooms with high ceilings. Not sure. As this design shows accent walls can be done in practically any space. Now granted access to the higher spots on the wall might be a bit trickier but the results are certainly worth the extra hassle. I love the look of high ceiling shiplap and that would make a great design choice for a bedroom accent wall.

Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas Wrap Up 

Accent walls are a great way to explore your creative side. With all the design options shown here there is sure to be one that appeals to you and will look great in your room.  Whether you choose to paint, use wallpaper or a unique material like shiplap or stacked stones I am certain it will come out beautifully.

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