Benjamin Moore Paper White OC-55

Benjamin Moore Paper White OC-55, a soft, cool gray-white paint color, is the perfect choice for creating a light and airy space. According to Benjamin Moore, Paper White is “a fresh sheet of paper, a touch of blue-gray lends a clean, crisp feel to this appealing white.” This off-white neutral offers some blue and green undertones that give it a cool gray feel that looks beautiful in many different spaces.

All About Benjamin Moore Paper White

Paper White is in Benjamin Moore’s Off-White Collection and even though the name suggests it, Paper White isn’t really white at all. It’s more a soft, light light gray. You may consider utilizing this color as a soft neutral in living spaces or as an all-over paint color. The slight blue-green undertones in this color make it a great choice for coastal-inspired homes. It gives a touch of color to the walls but still remains soft and neutral making it a great jumping off point for a room with lots of layers and textures. Generally, Paper White is a nice bright white but it can appear a little cold or icy in certain lighting. That being said, when you get the lighting just right, this color is a sophisticated super light gray paint color that is a beautiful contrast to bright white trim

How Light or How Dark is Benjamin Moore Paper White

In terms of lightness and darkness, Paper White is light. It’s definitely not as light as you would expect a white paint color to be. It’s more a gray-leaning white or maybe you’d even consider it just a light, light gray.

What is the LRV of Benjamin Moore Paper White?

The Light Reflectance Value or LRV of Paper White is 74.41.

First, you might want to know what is LRV anyway. Well, Light Reflective Value or LRV is a tool used to determine how light or dark a paint color is. LRV is measured on a scale of 0-100 with 100 being the brightest, most pure white and 0 being black. What does that even mean? The operative word here is light. Light Reflective Value means how much light is reflected. The lighter the color the more light can be reflected. This paint color is relatively light on the LRV scale coming in at 74.41. Benjamin Moore considers Chantilly Lace to be one of its brightest, cleanest white paint colors and its LRV is 90.04. That gives you a bit of perspective on Paper White. It’s got decent saturation but it’s still considered a light off-white or light gray.

Talk to Me About Undertones – What Undertones Does Paper White Have?

The most important element to understand in gray paint colors is undertones. They are really important in gray paint colors because no gray paint is TRULY gray. Every gray has undertones that give it its appearance. For Benjamin Moore Paper White those undertones are blue and sometimes green. These undertones are pretty subtle in Paper White but they can give you a slightly chilly feel depending on the room and lighting situation. Additionally, you may see Paper White appearing as a slightly different color all in the same room. Sometimes a little more blue or sometimes a little greener. Overall, Paper White is a really soft light gray and looks gorgeously luxe on walls but can also appear cold or icy in dark rooms.

What are Some of Paper White’s Best Coordinating Colors?

Paper White is a pretty easy paint color to complement and the best way to contrast Paper White is with bright white trim. I always recommend Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace for trim – it’s a gorgeous crisp white that really pops against gray walls. If you want something a little warmer for trim then I recommend Benjamin Moore White Dove. Either way, going with a nice bright white trim will allow Paper White to appear like a crisp, light gray.

Additionally, Paper White is neutral enough to pair with pretty much anything. You’ll find Paper White coordinating beautifully with a variety of blue paint colors, navy blue, blue-gray, blue-green colors like teals, and medium to dark grays. Here are some paint colors that look lovely with Paper White.

What Paint Sheen Should I Use for Paper White?

eggshell and satin paint sheens are good options for Paper White. Although I personally prefer matte finishes, high gloss finishes can also be appropriate, especially if you want to create a luxurious feel. For trim, I recommend using satin or semi-gloss for easier cleaning. If you decide to use Paper White for both walls and trim, consider using different sheens for each.

Benjamin Moore Paper White OC-55 in Real Spaces

Benjamin Moore Paper White is an elegant light gray paint color that works in many different spaces. It’s a great all-over paint color and I think it especially shines in retreat-like spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. It also makes an inviting living room paint color as well. Here are some real-life examples of how Paper White is used to create beautiful spaces.

Gorgeous Great Room with Paper White Walls

Great room living room with light gray walls color called Benjamin Moore Paper White
Via Amy Storm and Co photo by Joe Kwon

Here we see Paper White at its best. The softness of Paper White on the walls is a perfect backdrop for this grand space. Looking closely you’ll see the crisp contrast of the walls and ceiling. In fact, with all of the natural light in this space, at first glance, the walls may be so light they appear white but once you notice the ceiling and trim, it’s clear that Paper White is truly a soft gray paint color. There is a perfect balance in this room of softness and texture beginning with the elegance of Paper White.

Sweet Girls Room with Paper White Walls

girls room with light gray paper white walls by benjamin moore
Via Z Plus Interiors photo by Amanda Kirkpatrick

How sweet and airy is this room? The gray walls are the perfect choice of paint color for such an elegant girls’ room. The Paper White provides a beautiful contrast to the white trim and soft white furniture and decor. The warmth of the floors is another source of contrast that brings the perfect balance to the space.

Paper White Bathroom Walls

elegant white and gray bathroom with paper white walls by benjamin moore
Via Barlow Reid

I mentioned that Paper White really shines in bathrooms because it provides a retreat-like feel. You can see how true that is in this bathroom. The soft gray walls, bright white tub, and cabinets, along with the darker gray counters all work well together to create a really luxurious spa-like space.

Elegant Girls Room

Another version of a kid’s room with Paper White walls gives us even more appreciation for this paint color in bedrooms. I cannot get over how fancy yet attainable this space feels. All of the white trim and white accents act as the perfect contrast to the light gray allowing Paper White to look slightly more gray and we love it.

Elevated Traditional Bathroom

This beautiful yet small bathroom boasts Paper White Walls in contrast with a modern dark wood vanity. The combination is a great choice. This space looks crisp, light, and elegant keeping everything balanced between the vanity, the accent wall behind the mirror, and the bright sconces.

Cozy Living Space with Paper White Walls

cozy living room with benjamin moore paper white walls
Kelly Deck Design

This cozy living room is the perfect example of how Paper White can look wonderful in many different spaces. Paper White is such a nice backdrop to this charming space. I particularly love the contrast of the Paper White walls and the richness of the wood fireplace surround. Paper White does light and airy really well but this is a more balanced space and it’s equally well designed.

Modern Living Room with Paper White Walls

modern living room benjamin moore paper white
via Falken Reynolds

This was a great example of showing off Paper White Walls because this space has a contrasting accent wall. It shows how great Paper White looks with cool colors like this blue (similar to Sherwin Williams Stardew). The whole space is minimal yet elegant with truly relaxing vibes that are always welcomed in my opinion.

Alternative Light Gray Paint Colors and How They Compare to Benjamin Moore Paper White

Benjamin Moore Paper White vs. Sherwin Williams Eider White

Benjamin Moore Paper White vs Sherwin Williams Eider White

If you’re looking for a similar lighter gray, Sherwin Williams Eider White is pretty close. It’s another all-purpose paint color that looks great just about anywhere. Eider White and Paper White have similar LRVs 73 to 74.41 respectively. They are both considered off-white paint colors that lean gray.

Benjamin Moore Paper White vs. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

Benjamin Moore Paper White vs Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

Gray Owl is one of Benjamin Moore’s top-selling paint colors. It’s a few shades darker than Paper White making it a solid gray color (still light), as in, it could never be mistaken for a white kinda paint color. However, if you want a paint color that is a nice cool neutral that just has a little more depth, then you may want to trade out Paper White for Gray Owl.

Benjamin Moore Paper White vs. Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Benjamin Moore Paper White vs Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Going the other direction, Sherwin Williams Snowbound is slightly lighter than Paper White so if you grabbed Paper White and were hoping for something even softer than Snowbound may be a good option. Snowbound is significantly lighter with an LRV of 83 while Paper White sits around 74. Snowbound is also one of Sherwin Williams’s best sellers so if you want a safer, lighter choice, it’s worth sampling.

In Conclusion

Benjamin Moore Paper White is a timeless light gray paint color that looks beautiful in many different spaces. It’s an all-purpose cool neutral and can be used on walls, trim, or both. My preference is Paper White on the walls with a bright white contrasting trim. Sometimes all you want is a nice all-over paint color and I think Paper White does really well at just that!

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